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Joels results... not the best news/Update 9/21/06


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Well here goes Joel's results.

It is not good news :( as there was uptake in that nodule. It is 7mm and the doctor is concerned. I could tell he thinks it is cancerous but would not use that word. He also thinks is may be a new primary tumor and not from the other cancer.

There are 3 things that concers him about this.

1- history of LC

2- that it doubled in size

3- that there was uptake

So the group of doctors meet next Wednesday to discuss his case. That is 2 Onochologist, his surgeon plus 1 other and 2 Pulmanary doctors.

His Onochlogist said it is too small to biopsy and feels they should maybe take it out. He is concerned because it doubled in 2 months, even though his 2 CT's before that one which it increased was stable.

He also said they may be able to wait a couple of months and do another CT to see if it grows.

His Onc. is very concerned that because he had a lobe removed in his left lung and he is SOB that he may not be able to take another operation. But his lung capacity is very good. So he is taking another breath test next Tuesday and will talk to his pulmonary doctor to see what he thinks about taking another piece of the lung.

The only good thing is, if they operate, since the nodule is so small that they could use the VATS (Video assisted tech) :) which is a much better recouperation rate than being completely cut open and they don't have to worry about breaking or moving a rib.

The noudule is right on the tippy top of the right lung lobe.

So Joel has an appointment with his surgeon next Thursday and will see what the outcome was from the meeting.

I feel that we should wait the couple of months to see if it grows. Then the other side tells me maybe just take the da*n thing out if it is C or benign. Then again I am concerned about his SOB....

He also said they he might not need the traditional chemo and could take a pill. Does anyone know what pill that is, I forgot to ask.

Any opinions, would be greatly appreciated.

Maryanne :(

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I am very sorry you and Joel got this news Maryanne.

If I had it to do over again, I would not have had the rest of my lung removed when I got my second cancer. I would have had the tumor killed with cyberknife surgery in order to conserve my lung capacity. I can get by now, but knowing what I know now, I think cyberknife is the way to go. If it is cancer, it is probably a new primary. Although resection is the time proven gold standard to bring about a cure for early stage lung cancer, cyberknife surgeons say that based on the cases they have done so far, they are seeing cure rate in excess of 90% for early stage lung cancer. You have time to think about it. Check it out.



Don M

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Maryanne...sorry Joel's news wasn't better....like you said..."not the best new's'...BUT..lots of options..I think the doctors will figure out a way to stop that 'devil' in it's tracks...In the meantime we will all be praying for the best...love to both of you...


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Maryanne ~

This was not the news we were hoping to hear. :( But I am glad to hear that Joel's doctors have options and plans to discuss with both of you. I am sending you lots of prayers and positive thoughts as you deal with this setback. You and Joel are a great team and I know that you will work together to deal with this.

With a huge hug to both of you,

Pam in FL

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Joel went to have his breathing test and to talk to his Pulmonary doctor about if his lungs could stand another operation.

Well his breathing test as usual was 96% which is really good. He just does not understand why his Onocholgist seems to want to rush into getting it out. He feels since it is so small that he has time and should just get a couple more CT's to see if it grows instead of going through anything right now.

He is going to call his Onochologist and his Surgeon and tell them what he thinks, that they should wait.

He also said that there is a bisopy that they could do through the mouth and if it is benign they could take it out that way, without having to open him up.

So anyway that is it for now. They are meeting next Wed. to discuss his case and Joel has an appointment with his surgeon on, I think Thursday to hear his opinion.

That's it for now. Thanks for the prayers. For some reason we are not really stressing over this, not like the first time, maybe because this is so small and contained to the tippy top of his apex.

I have been talking to doctors on the cyberknife line. But his Pulmanary doctor feels that it is too small for that treatment.

Sad week here, our Lucy, Lori's mom and our Jimbean.

take care all, will keep you posted.

Maryanne :cry::wink:

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