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Joels doctors visit.


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Went to see his surgeon. Love that guy his is so understanding and a great surgeon.

We are going to wait about 6 weeks and take another Pet scan to see if there was any growth. His SUV is 2.6 which is mild uptake.

The surgeon if need be, will go in and take the nodule out with just a wedge section by doing VATS, if it turns out to be cancerous then he will remove his upper right lobe. If benign, taking out the nodule will be it.

So here we go again, but this time since the nodule is small he feels it probably did not spread and that he if he had to take out the lobe his breathing could handle as his Lung capacity is high at 97. He most likely would not need any chemo.

So we have to wait.

Also his surgeon actually was not against cyberknife. He just feels that they do not know the long term effects yet as far as it staying C free. And he thinks it is good if you do not have the lung capacity to take another operation. So with Joels lung capacity being so high he feels there will absoultely no problem removing a lobe if need be.

So now it is just wait and see.

We are find with this but of course we would want it to be stable and not have to go through another operation even if this one would be a cinch compared to his first one.

So that's it for now. Next scan will be in 6 weeks. It just seems like everything with him always comes down to the holiday season- sucks!

Thank you all as usual for your support and prayers.

Maryanne :wink:

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Well, Maryanne, my hope will be that all will turn out well. You know I am always rooting for you two. I just love your calm, mattter of fact take on things. Wish you lived here with me. I sure could use that kind of calming effect, ya know? Hoping that the next 6 weeks pass quickly and without incident.



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I hope the scan shows no change Maryanne...of course then you would still be in the wait and see mode I suppose. I think Joel's surgeon has a good point about long term success of cyberknife. It has not been around long enough to demonstrate a permanent cure. Joel's medical team is confident that he will have enough lung capacity after surgery, so that is encouraging. If it comes to surgery, Joel will do ok.

Don M

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Hoping the news from Joel's scan will be well worth the waiting and worrying you are sure to do in the next 6 weeks.

It is just so hard though. Try to think only positive thoughts and I'll say extra prayers for both of you!!

Warm Hugs,


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I am so sorry about the 'hurry up and wait' I know that is certainly no fun. I pray that all goes well. It certainly sounds like your doctors have a good plan. My prayers for the both of you.

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