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I told myself I wasn't going to anounce it so early - but I cannot hold it in. My pregnancy test became positive last Thursday. My husband and I were trying for about 5 months now. I wish my dad was here, he would have been the happiest. This would have been his first grandchild.

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I'm really sad that Mom won't know about this next baby too... but I have it figured, that she sat down with the little one and had a long conversation, before it was sent down here to give us a line on the PG test.... So I'm sure you're Daddy did the same thing.

(((((hugs))))) of congratulations and understanding to you.

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YA-HOO! Very circle of life moment.

I bet you'll be surprised, as time goes by, how much of your dad you see in this little one. Not just appearance, but sometimes I see my son make a facial expression, or the cadence of his walk reminds me of my dad, whom he never met.

I know they look down, see us and our little ones, and smile!

:) Kelly

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