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Words that Made Me Cry


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I have to report that my dad is doing fabulous! :D:D I haven't seen him in about two weeks, but my mom told me that he is simply like his old self...bopping from one activity to another. (Ernie, I think he heard about your running and realized that if you can run a half marathon, he can get out of the chair!! :lol: )

You don't know how blessed I feel to hear this news! Then, mom said the most shocking thing... :shock:

"I guess I always thought this would buy him time. For the first time I actually feel like maybe he can beat this."

Hope...she has hope. He has hope...we all have hope....thank you LCSC for helping us get to this point. Please pray for this to continue.

Blessings for a safe and happy weekend.


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I am really pleased that I can give your dad encouragement. To know that it gives him a positive attitude makes my day. I think we have to learn that fighting cancer is a full time job and staying positive is so important. Things will come along that try to destroy our resolve, but with God’s help we can stay positive.

Say hello to your dad. Tell him I am working on next year’s race. I want to do it in less than 2:30.

Stay positive, :)


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