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Thank each and every one for your support. It is an awesome thing to see all the troops come marching in for me and for each other. I am very grateful.

The test results were good but not NED. The larger mass shrank to where the onc said it was just "thickening," and the smaller one was GONE! The others in the mediastinin (spelling?) - center of my chest was gone except for thicking I think is what he said. The spine mass did not show up and onc said it doesn't show up on chest xray or cat scan, because it doesn't pick up bone masses. He said it was still there and must be treated with radiation, as does the thickening left in the tumors that were thickening and the spine that is still there. He changed my treatment because he said it was not compatible with radiation. He said there would be more side effects with the new medicine (as if there wasn't enough now). He said primarily the red blood count, white blood count, and the platelets (spelling?) would most likely be down and that I would need a blood transfusion, and infection, etc. was a possibility. I really can't remember each and every word but trying to put the things he said to me from memory and some notes I took. I have an appointment with the radiation onc on Friday for a consultation and appointment for "marking the areas."

Yesterday was my 7th treatment and the first one with the new medicine chemicals. I go again today and tomorrow, and then on Friday get a shot for white blood cells (don't know why but said to get a handle on it a bit ahead of time?).

Praying that I can manage all of this without a total nervous breakdown. I am trying real hard to be positive but it is hard.


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