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Where do we go when we die?


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Where do we go when we die and what happens to us then? This is the question that fuels our fear.

Will death simply be "lights out" or will there really be a gem covered heavenly city with a river of life lined by trees of life. A city where all our family and friends will gather to enjoy eternal spring.

More difficult to believe than all the miracles of the Bible combined, consider the Big Bang 15 billion years ago. Scientists tell us that all matter in our universe was condensed into a small spot the size of this period " . " And that perhaps the Big Bang was created by the collision of two parallel universes. Yes, parallel universes. There could be hundreds!

So what can our feeble brains make out of this life we've been given? What do you guys think will happen to us when we die?


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Barb first off if you will notice scientist never attempt to explain who created the element's that enabled the big bang. Now with that out of the way and i hope you realize you get into some very different thought's on life after death. So i will tell you up front my belief's come from my Catholic churche's teaching's.

When we die we are immediately judged and our eternaty is settled. We either go to Hell or Heaven but for most of us on the way to heaven we have sin's that must be removed or purged thus the word purgatory. The reason for that is no imperfection can be with GOD just as Mary was Chosen to bear the God child because she was born with out sin.

But remember in Catholic understanding going to purgatory mean's eventualy you will be with GOD but never HEll. Jesus did tell his Apostle's in my Father's house are many room's "and in some translation's many mansion's" that if it were not true i would have told you.So if there are all the thing's in heaven as described in the Book of Revelation's then how beautiful it would appear but i personally suspect the writer was doing his best to described heaven's beauty in word's with which we could envision heaven. In Catholic theology we are taught only that the vision of GOD that we will have is called the beautific vision which is beyond description.OK now i started this off by being first or second to answer your question and am not wanting nor encouraging a theological debate .....Larry

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Well Barb, since you asked...

I don't think we "go" anywhere. Going somewhere is activity that we practice in our space-time experience while alive. After we die, there is no place to go to. We are everyplace.

Of course, I don’t really know for sure and neither does anyone else. But the metaphysical babble I rattled off above is just a good an explanation as any. One thing I am sure of, that no matter what our faith or religion, there is going to be a surprise. There will be an “ohhhh, I get it now”. The trick is to try and get it before you die.

Oh...one more thing. To me, the notion that when we die that it is lights out, the end, nothing but worms and a rotting corpse is absurd. We go on.

Don M

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I beleive (in my heart) that I will see my Mom, Dad and all those that have already passed before me again.

I think they will be with me when my time comes to pass on to whatever lies ahead. When I close my eyes and think of heaven I see a comforting, beautiful, peaceful, happy place.

Since losing my Mom I fear death less than before. I know that when I do go she is going to be there holding my hand and guiding me in. I agree with Don on the ohhhhh, I get it now. This is another very interesting topic.

I look forward to everyones replies....

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No theological debate is intended -- just each us expressing our own beliefs! I think it is quite interesting to see what other's thoughts are on this subject.

Heaven or Hell. (Most of the following is based upon the Lutheran faith that I was raised in.)

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God — not the result of works, so that no one may boast."

(Ephesians 2:8-9)

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. - John 3:16-17

Paul tells the congregation at Corinth that "Resurrection will involve a transformed body, as different as the grown plant is from the seed - a body imperishable, not perishable; powerful, not weak, spiritual, not physical, in the image of heavenly origin, not from the dust of the earth" (1 Corinthians 15:35-44). For St. Paul, death in this body is real, but so is resurrection. It is a transformation to new life, (e.g., "...we will all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. ... For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed" (I Corinthians 15:51b-52). Yet, in faith we know that this resurrected self is the totality of the person. The whole person is given a new form or manifestation by God, who again breathes into us the breath of life - this time of a life which will never end. When that happens we will be enjoying the life lived now by the risen Jesus and by all the departed whom God has also raised.

Hell, as I was taught, is actually defined as outside or away from the presence of God based on the Hebrew word Sheol. So, maybe not the fire pits depicted in art, but an eternity without God.

Now, my what my Mother taught me was slightly different! :) She didn't believe in a fire and brimstone hell. She felt our earthly existence was our trial. She was big on the old "hell on earth" theory. She also truly felt that we would all see each other again in heaven and family members would recognize family members, etc. I know this strays from theology, but I like the thought that we will all know & remember each other in heaven. Kind of like a big family reunion. If I hadn't believed this, I would never have gotten through my Mom's death.

I do not hope that our loved ones are here with us or watching over us. I subscribe to an "Our Town" mentality on this issue. Although I'm sure they wouldn't feel our pain on a heavenly plane, I want them to be in heaven and not seeing us slog through the rest of our lives on earth. I told my mother just before her death that, although it would seem like an eternity for us left behind, it would be a mere twinkling of the eye for her until we were all reunited again.

We'll all "get it" when we get there! :D

Pretty heady stuff, but very good to think about. Thanks for posting this topic.

Welthy (Debi)

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I believe in God and I believe there is a heaven and an afterlife. Now, what form heaven will take, I have no idea, but, similar to what Don said, I like to think heaven will be perfect understanding. After death, I will finally understand as much of God’s plan as is permitted, I will know if there are parallel universes, I will understand why he gave us free will, I will solve all the great mysteries of this life, such as why I developed cancer, why bad things happen to good people, and why my wife “needs” 30 pair of shoes and a dozen handbags.

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Well my theory doesn't fit exactly with y'alls but I believe that we go to the grave, and we sleep until the resurrection. The bible tells us that Jesus will assume his rightful throne as King of the Earth after armageddon and and at that time everyone will be resurrected. The sea shall give up it's dead and so shall the grave. At that time we will be judged and given the opportunity to repent our sins and accept Jesus and go to heaven as spirits. That is my belief, however shortly before my mother died she was talking to people who had already passed before her and one of my brothers who had died when he was just 2 yrs old came to her in a dream as a fully grown adult and told her she would be fine & he was waiting for her. It's a mystery that I have no pat answers for. Perhaps there is a more learned bible scholar who could chime in here?

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This is for Wendyr,

Wendyr a nurse at the Hospital here told me she used to believe pretty much like you were describing and just was not sure if there was even a GOD untill she had been Nurse for a few year's and watched so many Patient's die. She told me of thing's she saw and heard that put chill's up my spine so just thought i'd let you know what you experienced with your mother is not unusual........

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If you believe the Bible as I do, there is one simple sentence that tells the truth. After one of the criminals that were crucified with Jesus had accepted him and asked to be remembered. Luke 23:43 “Jesus answered him, I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” This says to me that when you are absent from the body you are present with the Lord in his kingdom. That means now.

Stay positive, :)


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Thanx Larry: It was pretty unsettling for the last few days before she passed. It was almost as if she had one foot in this world and one foot in the afterlife. Pretty unnerving when you're the only one there listening to it. She knew who she was talking to on the other side but she didn't know who I was. I do rely on the bible, as little as I know of it, but real life experiences like those can really make you wonder. Plus what about all the near death experiences we read about where people actually go to the other side & then come back. Don't know, but wish I did.


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Hard to say what will be there

for us when we go....

Why not think that our time on

earth is the purgatory that is

written in the religion and that

when we go our spirit is ready

for this Heavenly place talked


I saw many people during their

last days and most of them were

feeling the presence of members

of their family or friends that

were dead welcoming them in this

new place........


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I dont think that this life and experience can be all for nothing and then at the end lights out and nothing - what would be the point. I believe in the teachings of Jesus and I think that faith is a very personal and wonderful experience on its own. I think that no matter what religion we follow, there will be that 'paradise' after we leave our bodies behind.

Keep strong in your faith.


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Very uplifting to read these testimonials of every one's faith and experiences all at once. I hope more come.

I keep trying to figure out what it will be like, but like Don said, we won't comprehend until it happens.....

I think it will definitely be paradise of some type as Ernie pointed out. I'm looking forward to seeing my Mom and Grandmother again too.


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I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that everyone we love is in heaven with us. I loved how it was explained to me...in Heaven there is no time. Time as we know it just doesn't really exist...proof....God made the world in such a short time. We cannot begin to understand "time" the way God wants us too...

I often find this theory gives me peace...those who die are given that glory of time gone and paridise. Those left here to suffer the pain of loss are those caught in the time as we know it.

Deep subject....deep, deep subject!!!! This is hard on the head at 9 at night! Oh well...I love reading the replies though! :)

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I definitely believe there is a better place that has been prepared for us and how we live in this life determines whether we are allowed to live on in the "better place." Since losing Dennis, I have come to believe that this "better place" may not be so very far away. I sometimes think that this "better place" is so close that there are times "this place -earth") and the "better place" actually can become one for brief periods of time. Like others, I watched for days as Dennis had one foot in this world and the other foot in another. There were times when he was completely lucid and was having conveersations with people that I was unable to see. The Hospice nurse taught me to pay special attention to things Dennis would say and do in those last days, as she believed every word and action had a deeper meaning. Because of my faith, I simply cannot allow myself to believe that "this is all there is." There has to be more.

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Someone asked for a biblical perspective, and while I am no theologian, I will give it a shot.

The Bible is very clear on this subject. Jesus taught that He is the Way the Truth and the Life. He stated that no man comes to the Father except by Him.

Salvation is by the grace of God; it is given through Faith alone. No amount of good works, ceremony, or sacraments can gain you entrance into heaven. Simply FAITH in the the fact that Jesus died for the sins of ALL men. But one must ask for forgiveness for one's sins (repentance) and believe on the LORD and His plan of salvation (Jesus Christ--God Himself--- entering the earth through the space/time continium, dieing on the cross and then conquering death for ALL by rising from the grave and ascending into heaven). This plan of salvation is prophesized throughout the bible clearly. Jesus fullfilled all that was prophisized about the messiah.

According to the bible "absent from the body", present with the Lord". At which time we will all be judged. None can enter on his/ her own righteousness, but only through the righteousness of Christ who bore all of our sins.

According to the bible He intercedes with the Father for us, and we take on His righteousness. Since God cannot allow sin in His presence we must be made righteous in order to enter heaven.

The bible is also clear that the beauty of heaven cannot even be comprehended by the human mind, and that it truely is "paradise". One must choose to receive this free gift through an excercise of our free will however.

Sadly, many have too much pride to admit they have sinned and to ask Christ into their lives.

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I believe the Bible because I've experienced enough of God in this physical life to be convinced of His eternal existence.

I believe, that for the saved, there is a Heaven that can only be described in negatives. Seven "No More's" that the Bible implies there will be no more dying, no tears, no poverty, no darkness, etc.

I believe that Heaven is such an incredible place that the Bible can only tell us what there is not because we can't comprehend with our minds what is there.

I believe that the city has 12 gates, that it's 1500 hundred miles wide and long, that there are gates of pearl, walls of jasper, and streets of gold. I believe I already have a mansion under construction and that there's a starry crown sitting on a white robe that has my name on it.

I believe that when I die, I'll spend eternity glorifying God, living in His presence, and enjoying the love I've known here from Him, from my family, and from my friends, for eternity. I believe the Word of God depicts this incredibly and I can't wait to get there. I hope I get to play the organ a few times in Heaven. The music is going to be incredible!

These are my beliefs and I'd be glad to share with anyone why I believe this so strongly. I am open to PM's about it.

One of my favorite songs:

I heard of a land that is wond'rously fair.

They say that it's splendor is far beyond compare.

But in that place that's called Heaven,

I'm longing to see.

If Jesus is there, it will be Heaven for me.

And if the walls there weren't jasper,

And all the streets weren't gold.

If the mansions, they would crumble

And if the folks still grew old.

Still I'd see everything I've been longing to see

For where my Jesus is, it will be Heaven for me.

Heaven for me; Heaven for me.

Jesus will be what makes it Heaven for me.

All it's beauty, and it's splendor,

I've been longing to see.

But Jesus will be,

What makes it Heaven for me.

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First, know that I am probably an oddball in the group when it comes to your question here. Know up front that, while I grew up in and have studied the bible and all things religious (I grew up a strict Catholic), I find them lacking a whole bunch. Nevertheless, I am a HUGE lover of what we term God....HUGE, HUGE in my being.

That said, and this is from my personal experience (not heresay and conjecture or belief with nothing in my being to back it up by)..... you just continue with what you left off with after the passing of your physical body. You are an eternal entity who is loved immensely by God -- Jesus was not the only child of God and he is not necessary to save you or do anything in particular....you are enough -- you are the "apple of God's eye" always. (I'm not going to banter Bible scripture on that one, but Jesus himself said such things at length in the New Testament -- he even said that in his works we could do and do more....on and on it goes there). Jesus is a brother, if you will....a loved being, no different than the rest of us.

Heaven and Hell is relative to our beliefs -- there is no hell as we understand it in a religious construct. Anyone know what the word hell really means? It was a term coined long ago for the dead buried in a shallow grave where the coyotes and other creatures could ravage a passed body....that's it. There is no such thing as eternal damnation as most subscribe to.

Now that I have opened myself up to tremendous vengence in many ways, I will be happy to entertain responses in private....this public board is not the venue for such things.

Barb, all I'll say is that you are always loved by that which created you (and all of us) -- you will go back to that source to review what you have done, contemplate what you could have done different, and continue on with that wonderful thing we call life.


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Let me stick my 2 cents in here if I may...

First off...I am a firm believer in Our Lord and our Savior..I believe after we die...we will eventually be with Him in all His glory...As long as we have asked for forgiveness of our sins and accept HIM as Our Lord and Savior we will be welcomed into the pearly gates...

It is to my understanding and what I have been taught to believe thru my Catholic Relegion...that we must first go to "Paradise" also know as "Purgatory" and repent for our sins...We will stay there until the 'ressurection' when God will come in his Glory for all....as far as "hell"....I believe that God is not a punishing God and would throw no one in the rages of fire....but I do believe those of us who does not accept the Lord and ask for forgiveness will be seperated from Him for ever....

If anyone here has any doubt what so ever...I would like for you guys to read the book called..."Heaven" by Randy Alcon or Alcore...something like that...I'm sure the library will know what book you are talking about as long as you mention Randy A...because there are several books called Heaven....

The book is very inspirational and has many many questions and answers in it...Actually Randy is decribing scripture but only in "lay' language that we could understand....This is only a suggestion ..because like all of us...I certainly am no expert in this field of conversation...but one thing I know for sure....I AM A BELIEVER IN JESUS NAME...hugs to all ...PamS.

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I do not believe in God. Or gods. I was raised Catholic and most people I am close to are Catholic.

But then... some thousand years ago my ancestors believed in a very different set of gods: the Slavic

gods. Whose mythology is still around. Christianity was imposed on us (as on many others) with a sward.

Why should I believe in the Christian God over the "older" gods... I could not ever understand that.

But I envie those who do believe in Christian God. The image of life after death could be very consolling. There is nothing like that in some other religions (Judaism I think says that there is no life after death but you live through your children).

For me ... the fear that I turn into nothing after death is very real. Maybe there is a surprise waiting. But I do not know what I have been before I was born and I do seem to stop to exist every time

they put me under an anestesia. So it seem possible that this is it: my life ends and there is no more of me in any form. Very sad, pointless and not fair, but who says that life is not just like that ?

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