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remember me????


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Hi everyone I'm baaack!

I last logged on on June 24th and I see that there are 16 pages of postings since I was here.....blows my mind that my computer was down for that long ---- don't ask why the wireless didn't work, it would take 16 more pages to go through all the trials.

Thanks for posting for me Kasey, not a whole lot to add really. I'm now healed enough to be able to move my arm without too much problem so our house is finally looking like someone lives there - albeit part time!

I start my chemo on August 8th after my port is put back in on the 6th, so no more vein hunts for this old broad.

Your support and prayers have meant so much to me, please know that I've thought of you all and have read a few times but not been able to log on. I don't think I'm going to have time to read all 16 pages of news so please bear with me for all the missed milestones.

I'm going back to VT tomorrow to begin the weekly comute to and from the big city but I'll be here every weekend to catch up.

Thanks again for your support


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Missed your smile. It's good to hear from you and to see your smiling face. Sounds like you have been very busy trying to get all settled. Just know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers and there are more where they came from. Take care of yourself. Don't be overdoing it. We will look forward to hearing from you week to week.

Luv and Prayers,


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Big hugs and Loud Prayers for You. Glad to see you and that you are ok as ok can be right now. Take care and Glad you are ok.

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Great to see you post Geri. I could only imagine how busy you are with the move, and now with the commute, but please take time to heal and rest as much as possible.

By the way we now have a new PUB name... it is Kasey & Freds.

So when you are feeling up to it join us there and let me be the first to buy you a round.

Miss you, glad to see that smiling face of yours.

Maryanne :wink:

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