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Results are back..so scared


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Oh God...the Doctor just called me...the results are in from my Ct/scan and MRI....Please tell me what this means....

He told me the Ct/scan is showing that there is a

"possible' lymph node enlargemant in the middle of my chest and wants to follow up with a Pet Test...

I am petrified...does an enlarged lymph node always have to be maliganant or are some benign....Please give me heads up on what your think...and did anyone have an enlarged lymph node that wasn't C....

As far and my ribs..he said something about a narrowing in my something or other that may be pinching but I wasn't even paying attention to that...

And another thing...in the past 8 weeks..I have had a chest exray...2 MRI's...a ct/scan and now a Pet test...don't you think that all that radiation can be harmful to...or do we have to do what we have to do...thanks to all..I would appreciate what you all think...I am a nervous wreck and just hit the zanax bottle....hugs..Nonni

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My PET scans before surgery showed two enlarged lymph nodes. As you know I had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation before surgery. After that treatment I had another PET scan which showed the tumor to be all but resolved but the lymph nodes were still enlarged. It was explained to me that lymph nodes do not always go back to their normal size after treatment. My surgeon explained to me that he was going to test my lymph nodes on the operating table and if they were positive for cancer that he would not do the surgery, but simply close me up and I would have more chemo radiation. I had surgery. My upper right lobe was removed along with a rib bone. My surgeon also removed 20 lymph nodes. None of them tested positive for cancer. My scan after surgery states that one of the enlarged lymph nodes was resected during surgery. I still have one enlarged lymph node. It has been that way since my surgery July 2005. If your lymph node lights up on the PET that still does not mean that it is malignant. It could be inflammation from infection. Try not to worry even though I know that is easier said than done. Please do try to relax. When you get past this scare (and I am sure that you will) work on relaxing and not worrying so. My thoughts and prayers and positive support are with you. Be sure to come back with your good news results.


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I am sorry you are having to deal with this! Geez I sure hate it when these tests come back with another question that requires more testing.

I sometimes wonder if all the scans and tests are doing more harm than good...BUT as you said, you do what you got to do.

Hang in there, I have my fingers crossed that the big C isn't visiting again.


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Thanks for your reply's...I really appreciate all the answers and support that you can give me...

I understand that some times lymph nodes don't go back to normal size after treatment...BUT..I never had any treatments...I was 1A...with no other involvement....

I am trying not to worry about it...but you all know it is easier said then done...I'm trying to put in my head...I'll deal with it if I have to...I will get the Pet as soon as possible...gotta know one way or the other...

It's been a rough nite after the doctor's phone call...driving my husband 'beeswax'....so I'm going to take a sleeping pill and try to sleep...Good luck Pam.. :roll:

hugs to all ..still praying for the cure..God Bless


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My husband had many very enlarged nodes in his mediastinum at the time of his original diagnosis. They were all taken out and tested, and NONE were malignant.

I recall distinctly the surgeon telling me this.

Please know that the enlargement can be from any number of things, many insignificant.

Hang in, dear. MC

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I'm thinking of you and praying that it is nothing. There are a lot of great replies to your post. Try to focus on the best results....although I know how hard it is. Try to do something you enjoy this weekend and put that scan on the back burner for now. I read a saying about worry one time and I have always remembered it--worry is like a being in a rocking chair. It keeps you busy but you don't get anywhere!

Take Care,


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When I was first going thru the whole diagnosis nightmare, the first words out of the mouth of the man who ended up saving my life (my surgeon) were, "I think your lymph nodes are borderline enlarged based on the CT scan films." I was terrified just like you are.

When I had my PET, they didn't light up, but I know that he removed many of them and they were tested extensively. Everything was negative.

I hope for the same results for you and I know the panic that causes. I have no advice, I just want you to know that the same thing was said to me and I got good results.


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Nodules sadly enough are pretty normal, and can be scar tissue, infection, fungus, etc.,etc., Deep Breath In my friend. I have 2 nodules that are just sitting there driving my doctor's and me nuts the last 4 years. :roll: We just keep an eye on them.

My girlfriend who is an 8 years lc survivor had 5 nodules 7 years ago and then 5 years ago 3 of them just disappeared and now she's down to 2 and they are mm in size and doing nothing. Stay positivie.


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