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Hello All,

I went to see the specialist last Wed. and had a chest x-ray to monitor the fluid on my right lung and to see if the Tarceva is working. The fluid is still there but appears to be stable. My left lung looks good and has no fluid on it. THANK GOD! My oxygen level is normal and overall I'm feeling pretty good. My doctor explained that Tarceva will shrink cancer in about 10% of people who take it and will stabilize the cancer in about 40% of patients. The other 50% it doesn't work for at all. He says that it looks like I'm in the 40% group that it stabilizes. I'm okay with that. I will take stability any day of the week. My husband was disappointed. He was wanting to see some shrinkage and was a little bit down after the visit. But, with this thick skin I developed over the last year I told him that we need to be happy with this news and to make each day count. No one knows what the future holds. We have to live in the moment. I'm enjoying this moment and praying that the cancer stays quiet for a long time. Today is my 35th birthday! Last year on my birthday I had a thorocentesis and was wondering if I would make it to my next birthday. I'm so thankful I'm feeling good and still enjoying life. My husband and I are going out to dinner tonight and tomorrow some of my friends are having a party for me. Those beautiful moments just keep stacking up........

Take Care,


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Yeah for stability!!! I know what you mean about that thick skin. As time goes by I've come to accept the "not bad news" as good news, while my husband still has a very difficult time with it.

Go out and enjoy your 35th birthday. Keep enjoying life and making those memories.

Happy Birthday!


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Rach, I am so happy for your stable news and the Tarceva is be doing its job. You're so lucky to be in the 40% bracket.

Yes, what a difference a year makes!

Keep that good news coming and you are doing everything right by living each day to its fullest. You are a beautiful young lady.

Maryanne :wink:

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