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4 Years

Joe B

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Who's to say that Lance is the more famous of you two, Joe???? To me.....you da man :lol: ! Congratulations to you. I just celebrated 3 years since dx on Sept. 20th, so I know the exhileration you must be feeling. Best of luck to you and I hope your team exceeds all expectaions for the walk.


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Congratulations, Joe!

October 2 has meaning for me too. That's the date in 1957 when I started active duty as a brand new brown-bar (2nd lieutenant) in the Air Force. Then 2 days later, 10/4/57, the USSR launched their little Sputnik. That caused great concern throughout the nation, as we had believed the US was ahead in the space race. Our panic increased the following month when the Soviets launched Laika (the "space dog") into orbit and again in December when our highly publicized Vanguard rocket failed in its first satellite launch attempt, exploding 4 feet off the launch pad and leaving the grapefruit-sized satellite spinning and transmitting aimlessly in the tall grass.

But it wasn't long before things turned around for the US space program, and the same can be said for Lance and you!



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Way to go Joe....You got it made now...many many many years of good health coming your way....

Hey Joe...Armstrong may be famous...but he don't belong to this forum...so that makes you special too...Best of luck to the both of you to continue good health for many years to come...hugs..Nonni

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Congratulations Joe! It is truly wonderful to see your post. I have been keeping you in prayer with so many others. I pray that you enjoy many, many more years of survivorship.


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