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Introducing myself ......


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Hello LCSC

Just found the site and I can see now that this will be where I need to go from here on out to talk to those with the same unfortunate circumstances.

My name is Joe, my wife is Cecilia, and we are going to walk this journey together. Married in '88 can't see life with any other person, she is my best friend!

OK, Oct. 1st I went in for shortness of breath and pain in the ribs. X-rays shows pleural effusion and what looked like cancer on the left lung to the ER doctor. Drained about 6 bottles of fluid off the lung.

Monday just started my second round of chemo-therapy and had a port installed in my chest on Tuesday so next Mondays round of chemo will be with only one stick instead of several.

Anyway, thats me and more updates to come, and I do believe that God will heal, We have a church family bathing the entire process with prayer and I have a positive outlook on life, always have and I can tell you all up front right here and right now that I WILL NOT DIE FROM THIS CANCER.....mark my words :D

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Welcome Joe. I know this is new to Ya and I am gonna give you a little tip. At the top of the page you should see a little tab that says Profile. Click on it and A new window will come up. About 1/2 way down the pageYou should see a big box in the middle. THis is where we keep our Profile of our Medical history. EVERYTHING goes in here. THe more we know the more help we can be to EACH other and this keeps you from having to retype each time you post. IF you had aquestion, we can look at your profile to see your MEdical history and formulate a better answer and that is what you see in everyone elses profile. Just a thought. Welcome to the Family no one wants to join but is glad they did. We got TONS of love and compassiona dnunderstanding here it would knock ya over backwards sometimes!!!!! :wink::lol::):shock:

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Welcome Joe,

So glad you found us, and I'm so glad your going to hang out with us. :wink:

Maybe take a minute to fill out your "PROFILE" Go to the top of the page where it says: "MY PROFILE" and fill it in and hit submit. It's helps us all to remember what treatments, and what kind of lc you have. As you can see from my profile below. It always helps so you don't have to repeat yourself. :wink:

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