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Hi! I'm Carolyn and my dad has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and it has spread to some lymph nodes. We are awaiting an appointment with an oncologist. I have been a nervous reck and I'm sure you can all relate. We are armed for a battle!!!

11-5-07 Dad met with an oncologist and the radiation doctor. Stage 3B w/left, right and center nodes affected. Inoperable because tumor has wrapped around the aorta.

11-6-07 Dad had his 1st, 4 hr chemo. Did great. We go back tomorrow for a CT Scan and in 3 weeks another dose of chemo and start radiation. Radiation will be 5 days a week for 7 weeks. We travel over 1 hr to get to and from the hospital.

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Hi there,

Welcome to LCHelp community!

I really understand how hard it is to wait until the doctor visit. It can surely rattle even the calmest nerves!

I would suggest that you read some of the great survivor stories under "My story". Lung Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence and there are many of us surviving and thriving on this board.

I personally have had significant lymph node involvement at diagnosis and I am here today still enjoying life.

God bless you and your family right now.


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Welcome Carolyn. This board is wonderful. I am a new member myself and really like all the advice and stories I read on here. I am sorry your dad was diagnosed with lung cancer but you just tell him to fight it and fight it with all he has in him. That is what I am doing. Never give up.

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Welcome Carolyn. It's unfortunate that you have to be here. This board offers plenty of information and support and everyone here is great. Lot's of insight and perspective.

Please take a minute to update your profile as it assists everyone in understaniding where you are in your journey.

Best wishes.

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