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Missing Him


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Old-timers like me will recognize these as lyrics from Everything I Own, by Bread. Today I will just call them my Ode to Joe.

"You sheltered me from harm.

Kept me warm, kept me warm

You gave my life to me

Set me free, set me free

The finest years I ever knew

Were all the years I had with you

I would give anything I own,

Give up me life, my heart, my home.

I would give everything I own,

Just to have you back again".

Grieving pretty hard today. I guess my first Xmas Eve/Wedding Anniversary alone looming ahead isn't helping.

Sorry to be a downer today folks. Some days are just really hard, and this is one of those days.

Wishing all of you that are missing your loved ones this holiday season a little peace.

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You have every reason to be down. The love of your life is gone and this is the time you celebrated together.

My heart goes out to you. I feel so helpless that I do not have words of wisdom to help you through this. I can only say that I hold you close in my heart and it breaks for you.

So sorry Nancy for what you are feeling....

Maryanne :cry:

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Wishing happiness and comfort for my best "New Yawka" girl this morning. (Harry had to tell me how to pronounce and spell that correctly).

I have that Bread album in my closet. Good song.

I wish I had a magic wand to "poof away" all of your sorrow.

Know that I'm holding your hand long distance.


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