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Stage 3 A's or B's


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Another new member here who hasn't included her profile yet is also 3a. She has undergone surgery and is now having chemo. After that she is scheduled to have radiation for a couple lymph nodes that were also affected. I will ask her to get in touch with you.

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SandraL: I just came across your post in early Feb. I am a IIIb and think I understand that I am because, like you, I had a pleural effusion and they drained 2 liters of fluid from my left lung. Unlike you, they did find cancer cells in the fluid. You mention radiation treatment but not how and where they found a tumor. They didn't find a tumor in me after x-rays, CT-scans, CT/PET scans and MRI so I didn't get radiation just chemo. I had six rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin, showed "improved" after third or fourth infusion and am scheduled to start Avastin maintenance.

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My husband was diagnosed three plus years ago with Stage IIIB. His treatment history is attached below.


"SandraL"]good afternoon. I am wondering if any of you at either stage above could identify yourself for me. It would really help me to look at your medical histories as I go through my own journey. thanks in advance for your help
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