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Crummy PET


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My last PET showed a 4.4 suv 3cm spot, which readiologist calls mildly to moderately suggestive. OR maybe it could just be left over inflammation from radiation (7 years ago??).

I guess something has always been there on previous scans (they thought scarring), but never this hot.

I had to switch scanners because of insurance provider restrictions, so maybe it is just because it's a different scanner.

My onc suggests rescan in 3 months. She is sending scans on to surgeon and pulmonary docs. I am awaiting further word from them.

I hate it. I've had it. I'm sick of the tension/terror. It's like being locked in a dark basement with a slasher....never knowing...always afraid of every shadow.

But when the going gets tough, the tough break out the xanex. :)


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Okay, this is just a DO OVER! You can call it Left Over, Must Goes, what ever, what ever it is, it's got to GO!

I had a scan that happened to me a few years back and honestly it was the machine! My doc wasn't to worked up over it at the time, so I figured, if he isn't I sure as hell am not going to lose sleep over it. :roll:

I'm going to HOPE it's the Machine! That stuff happens a LOT!

Will keep my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, etc., etc., crossed for GOOD RESULTS!!!

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Okay Barb.............how about UNTIL we hear otherwise, it will be a glitch due to different scanning. You are NOT ALLOWED to think about that basement :shock: and slasher :roll: until the final word is in (and not even then). I personally am going to monitor to be sure you are doing as you are told :wink: !!!!!

And now on a more serious note ~ I hear you loud and clear and agree that this whole thing stinks to high heaven. I suppose the fear never ever disappears completely. I'm sorry ~ really am. It's going to be a long three months, I know. In the meantime, be sure to let us take some of the anxiety and carry if for a while. And who knows......maybe the onc or pulmonary doc may have an answer sooner than you think.


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Blame it on the insurance obliging

you to switch scanner. Problably

used a prehistoric scanner to try

to save money and now the insurance

will have to pay for two scans instead

of only one on a modern machine.

Close and lock that basement door behind

the insurance representative and the slasher.

Hate to see you worry for three months,

you should get word from the surgeon and

pulmonary docs soon if they are worried.

Sending relaxing prayers your way.



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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Yes, I had a regular CT in November and it was OK. No change.

This last PET scanner was much older (and it didn't have the CT combined with it). It was obviously highly sensitive though because it showed a "reactive node" in my right groin which my onc checked out. She is pretty sure is just from where they inserted the angioplasty tube a few years ago.

I mentioned to the PET tech that he had an old machine, and he said they were getting a brand new one with all the bells and whistles in a few weeks. Now why didn't they tell me that before I scheduled? :)

So I rescan in 3 months with their new machine. Of course the easy solution is to just scan at my previous place and pay the $2500 copay, but ...I'd rather not. :)

I'm OK by daylight, but when the sun goes down and the shadows get long, I really need the xanex. Does this twilight time bother anyone else?


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It has happened so many times that it is just the machine and people haved stressed over nothing. I know that is easier said then done but I really feel that it is the machine.

Please try to think positive and know that no matter what the outcome you are a strong person and will get through it. You know we are here to help you.

But meanwhile, try to put your mine elsewhere. We are in your corner..


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I can understand how you feel and it always bothers me that these scans can be done and leave us with more anxiety and questions than we had before, only to be told we have to wait another few months to see what happens then.. Something doesn't seem right about that. I don't have answers, but you certainly have my support and prayers. Hang in there Barb. Let us be here for you.



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I am with the "its the machine" crowd Barb, you are way too far along to have this worry.

I wonder how much time we have lost worrying. My 6 month scans are in March, and I already have to keep putting the thoughts to the back of my head because they keep trying to get out.

Wishing you luck in the next 3 months in keeping the fears away. I know its easier said than done. Someone once told me that if I wanted to make worry go away, to visualize pulling a shade over the specific worry in my mind and walking away from it. Kinda 60s psychedelic, but sometimes it works.

Thinking of you.

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I really think this difference in your report is just a different machine, a new radiologist, or something. You've gone too long without problems to have this be anything significant.

As for the problems at night, I do the same thing. It's tolerable (but barely) during the day, but everything I worry about seems worse at night, and this is a huge worry in my life.

Xanax it is, though, for those times that are tough.


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Barb...I know like the rest it's the damn machine...scares the begeebi's out of you....Don't you remember just recently my CT said..."possible enlarged lymph node' ..it was the machine...showed up on the Pet as unremarkable with no malignancy...Praise God...

Hate that you have to wait the 3 months thou....but Barb...8 yrs with no problem sounds pretty positive to me....take care...you'll be fine...


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It sounds like there is a lot of evidence here that it is the different scanner. Until we know better, let's believe that. It sounds like your Dr. isn't too concerned if he wants to give it 3 months. I'd take a cue from that as well.

Still. . .it's hard not to worry, so let us take over some of the worry for you. I'll worry today, Connie can worry (wring her hands) tomorrow--we'll do a schedule so all the owrrying will be takend care of and you won't have to do it!

If only it were that easy. :wink:


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