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Nodules still stable! Thank you Jesus!

This is my 8th scan since discovering I had lung nodules with my July 2005 CT scan. It is 2 years and 8 months that those buggers have not changed. The local doctors have now declared the nodules BENIGN.

However, I have been sending all my scans and local reports to Kasey's doctor at the National Cancer Institute. He offered to review my scans and give his opinions. He being a world renowned doctor, and what he did for Kasey when no other doctor would or could, I feel very fortunate he is doing this for me. If he declares my nodules benign I will truly feel blessed.

Drinks are on me at the pub!


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Will join you and Kasey at the PUB tonight. I'm buying. I know, I just know that you will get the same results.

So glad for you guys. You are both great people and truly blessed.

Maryanne :wink:

Love ya guys!!!

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YOure gonna Run the Pub with that Kind of News! :lol: I'd be out on town with the Mrs If i were You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock::D:)

Congrats Fred Love to hear the News !!!!!!!

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Oh Fred ~ that is WONDERFUL news!!! I haven't been around for awhile and just read Tracy's good news. I was already enjoying a frosty Corona at the Pub when I read your good news!! So, Kasey, another Corona please? and a drink on me for you two, as well!! Wow, at this rate, I am gonna be hammered by noon... :roll::wink:

With GREAT GLADNESS & Big Hugs!!!!!!


P.S. With ALL this good news, Kasey, I just KNOW you are gonna be next!! GREAT news coming from your clan these days...you guys are on a roll!!! 8)

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