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Bill's MRI/Update


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Thank you all so very much for all the prayers. We appreciated them, and have held onto all of them along with the good wishes for success.

I kept all of those positive vibes in my mind while sitting in the MRI waiting lounge last Thursday.

Again, this morning, they helped when our oncologist took a very long time to come into the room.

(It seemed longer, I'm sure, due to my antsyness. Thoughts of maybe there is something he needs to tell us?)

The prayers have been answered. The MRI was clear - no tumor. It is gone - not even a speck. The area questioned on the scan was OK - just some old age showing up.

Our doctor will not be there next week for Bill's infusion, so he gave Bill a week off rather than send him to another doctor.

Bill was good with that. Frankly, so am I. I like the idea of our oncologist watching Bill during infusion.

This will also give Bill a chance to get a small rest from chemo. His next treatment will be two weeks from now and will be his fifth round.

Love to you all, and we (both of us) appreciate your much-valued support, :D


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