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I Had a Scan Today!!!!

Patti B

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and it was STABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!

Of course, my PA almost gave me a heart attack over it. She had called me yesterday to see if it was OK for her to call me today with my results and cancel the appt. with her tomorrow (Thursday) when I go for my weekly chemo because she had an opportunity to go for a long weekend to Florida. Of course, I told her yes.

So I am driving home from the CAT scan and my cell phone rings. Its Tara and she says "Patti, are you still driving home from the CAT scan?"" Well, I almost croaked thinking she didn't want to tell me bad news while I was driving. I told her yes and she said "boy, aren't I good.....I am so quick getting your results. And your results are good, too". I told her "damn, Tara, you scared the hell outa me"

Anyway, the lungs are stable and she said when she sees me next week she will see what the radiologist says about the hip met.

I am really happy. Was so worried that if I had to change chemos, I might be put on something and lose my hair. And a week from Friday Nick and I go to Michigan for him to compete in a 5 state swim championship and all I could picture was my hair falling out while I was in the bleachers - LOL!!! But you guys know what I mean.

Everyone have a GREAT day!!! I know I will!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Well that is just awesome news Patti! Meet you at the pub!

It also seems to me that you haven't been anywhere in awhile. So a swim meet trip sounds like tons of fun and a chance to get away. I hope you are able to have some fun while you are there.

Keep up with those awesome scans girlfriend!


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Patti........Way ta go girl ! Congratulations. You kept this scan pretty quiet though. What better way to celebrate than going to cheer Nick on in a swim competition.

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