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With a heavy heart

Connie B

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I sadly have to share with everyone that we have lost a dear member and friend, our dear Wendy has passed away this afternoon.

I am feeling very sad right now but will share more information when I learn it.

She will be dearly missed by me and by so many others. My Lunch Buddy has left me. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Keep Wendy's family in your prayers.

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I just opened my emails and found the one Wendy's family sent telling of her passing yesterday. I am in shock. She was so nice and much too young. It is so sad for her family especially her children.

Donna G

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Ah geez.................not many wors for this one. Wendy was a great friend to me and to my sweet niece, Tracy. I am surprised - no, not shocked - this disease never shocks me any more. I just always felt that Wendy would continue to do 'just fine' and beat this back. Stick around and tell your mom I am hoping for the best for her.


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I just wanted everyone to know that I will be copying all your warm and kind messages regarding Wendy and will be taking them to her family tomorrow when I attend the Wake.

As you all know, Wendy was a part of LCSC for almost 5 years. She loved you all and did her best to help others over the years.

Muriel, Wendy just mentioned about a month ago when you came to town and we all went to lunch. She was so thrilled to meet someone else from LCSC. :)

She also got to meet Katie and she loved all that Katie has done on behalf of lung cancer.

Thank you everyone, I'm sure her family will find comfort in your warm and caring replies. I thank those who thought of me as well during this difficult time. I wish you all could have met Wendy in person. She was a fighter and she left us with grace and dignity and a smile on her face.

God Bless,


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