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Today is my 54th birthday! I'm really not surprised at my birthdays anymore, but when I was 47, and newly diagnosed with lung cancer, I don't think I had a lot of hope that I would ever see my 54th birthday, and I don't think anyone else who knew me would have thought that either.

That year, only two years out from breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I had my lobectomy in June, and a chemo treatment on my birthday. :( My only focus at that time was to get through treatment and get my physical and emotional health back.

I did eventually get back to 'normal' :roll: , kind of, and celebrated my 50th with a big bash at a friend's house. I look at my birthdays differently than my friends do. I feel nothing but joy, and they feel a little sad that they are getting older. I don't know about the getting older part being something I cherish, but I spent a lot of dark, lonely days early on in this battle thinking I would not be seeing many more birthdays.

I've had a big change in my life in the past few months--I've retired from my job, something that has been a dependable constant in my life for 30 years. I was a very lucky person to find a profession that suited me, and I do miss my job, but in an effort to try to avoid layoffs, offers were made to pension eligible people, and I decided I couldn't refuse. I'm doing fine, but going from 100 mph to 0 in a day was somewhat of a shock!

Now, I'm playing golf more often (sure wish my game would improve :roll: ), doing some things around the house that I've been waiting to have time for, and trying to decide what I want to do employment wise going forward.

Just wanted to update you all and let you know that probably I wouldn't be faring nearly as well if not for the support and hope that I've found here on this board for 6+ years now. I still check the boards nearly every day and celebrate the successes and grieve the losses of the members.

So, thanks for everything you've all given me so far, whether you are a survivor or a compassionate caregiver, your fellowship means a lot to me.


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Congrats Cindy! :D My mom just celebrated her 50th birthday and we do the same we CELEBRATE we don't worry about getting older we brag about her getting older it is kind of fun :lol: Congrats on the retirement I bet it was a big shock to you but at least you can get stuff done and by golly You get to golf when you want! I am sick today but really happy to of gotten on here and read about your birthday.

Hope you have a fabulous one!


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Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Chemo on your birthday, that reminds me of my birthday last year. I had chemo the day before. All of my recumbent friends were doing a ride on my birthday, and having a picnic afterward. I knew I wouldn't be able to ride, but figured I'd go to the picnic at least. Unknown to me, Rose was going to pick up a birthday cake, and turn the picnic into a birthday party. I got up that morning, sat in front of the tv for a few hours, but felt so bad I just went back to bed, no picnic, no birthday cake. It was a much better birthday this year.

I'm way jealous of the retirement. I am very ready for that, myself. It sounds like you're doing great. Good for you!

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Oh Cindy ~ I celebrtae with you for getting older ~ yes, I do! I am just a BIT older and I do the same thing. How fortunate we are to grow older, though I don't consider 54 old at all!!!!

I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet one another at Katie's and once again in Chicago. Hopefully somewhere in the future we can do so again. We are a sisterhood, afterall.

So I hope you got to celebrate fittingly and can enjoy your retirement. I retired just a bit' later in life tthan you, and feel so fortunate to be able to just 'be' and not have to get up at 5:30 each morning. I'll be having coffee with you tomorrow morning ~ somewhere around 9:00!!!!

Many good thoughts, vibes, and wishes, Cindy,


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Happy Birthday to you!!! I am so glad that I can say that to you! :D:D

Congrats on the retirement - I know what you mean about going from 0-100 -

My site was closed down in June and I opted for the severance package - not really the same as retirement, but the same, 'what do I do now?' type of thud when all of a sudden you don't have to wake up and shower... I spent the whole summer shopping and emotionally trying to adjust. PS - the company hired me back as a consultant for one of its brands and now I am collecting severance AND a salary- go figure!!! :-) I'll be back on my butt in no time of course and probably collecting a $450 employment check every week but for now things are good!!

Well enough about me LOL - its YOUR birthday- the retirement comment got me started! :-) By the way, are you near Lake Forest at all? I am traveling back and forth to Chicago area for the consulting job and would love to meet up if its doable!

Talk to you soon my sister! :-)

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Happy Birthday Cindy! I agree with you - birthday's are wonderful, especially with the insight we have.

Congratulations on the retirement package - sounds like a good opportunity to improve that golf game and "putter around the house" until something else beckons.

The road back to "normal" is emotionally trying, but it sure sounds as though you are all the way there. I am 3+ years out and still find there are times when the fear gets a hold of me (usually when I have some symptom that is out of the norm-then I am certain the cancer is back!) and it is at those times that I think of you, Debi, or Snowflake (to name a few) and it strengthens me. So, I thank you, and the rest of the members here that help prop me up when I need it.

Take care Cindy,


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