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my new birthday


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I haven't been around for a while as I've been back in hospital for a few weeks.

Turns out that the first go round didn't take enough fluid so back I went for more IV treatments. Two days after checking in I had a heart block and hit the floor. Richard had gone to get some lunch but fortunately a nurses aide was in my room and heard me hit the bathroom floor.

Apparently the code team worked for more than an hour to get me back and keep me back. Fast forward a couple of days and a pace maker is in place and I was back to getting things together again.

The scariest of all this is that the only reason I am now alive (again) is that this happened in the hospital. Apparently there is no warning for this type of "event" (cute expression the hospital staff kept using) and I think you're basically gone when you hit the floor.

Anyway I fought every step of the way to survive and after a few very uncertain days in ICU . I was moved to a regular room and life went on.

So, I have decided that I now have a new birthday - February 6th - the day I was brought back by a wonderful skilled team that didn't give up on me.

I am now at home recuperating and very thankful for everyone who helped me through this nightmare.

Nice to be back.


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WOW Geri that is fantastic news!!! :D:D:D I think having two birthdays is good. I claim my surgery date (July 1st) as my second birthday. Hey just between the two of us that makes four as in 4 birthday parties. Now that is pretty darn good!!!


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Well, my friend, is there anything else you can pull out of your hat to have happen!?!? This is just unbelievable. I have no idea what a heart block is or why/what makes it happen? Scary, indeed, what could have been had you not been in the hospital.

The LC journey (and all else it brings along with it) is always described as a roller coaster ride. I am SO glad that at the beginnign of it all you strapped yourself in tight!!!! I know 'we' like to think of you as a tough old broad, but you certainly bring new meaning to that term.

I'm thrilled you are home and recuperating. Now.........what does this new wrinkle mean in the big scheme of things? New meds? Additional checkups? Please stop making things so damn 'exciting' - ya hear??

Hope we'll catch up soon.

Much love and care,


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Geri, Geri, Geri... what is going on with you? You give me heart palpitations! :shock:

I am just amazed of your attitude and humor during all these set backs. But you are one tough cookie! AMAZING!!

But this has to stop you need peace and tranquility, not hospitals. But thank G-d for the situations that occured turned out the way they did.

Too much Geri... but glad to make it a new B-day date.... Happy, happy B-day my friend. May there be too many more to count. :D

Welcome back!

Maryanne :wink:

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I'm beginning to think we should develop badges on the site, for all the "events" that we have all experienced. You, dear Geri, would have the most, I think.

I guess if one is to fall in the bathroom, the hospital is the place to do it. Where else would there be a team of people just hanging around with nothing better to do than play with an unconscious woman's chest? Well, BESIDES a fraternity party! :roll:

So very, very glad you are still here to post yet another amazing "Tales from Geri's Odd Book of Life"...

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Hey,guess what.........I'm back in the hospital tomorrow. I gained 10lbs in the week since I came home and breathing is getting increasing difficult.

So I'll update when I can.

We'll get rid of the extra water and hopefully come up with the answer to the frequenty of this need.

Take care


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Geri, I am so sorry that I am just now reading this post. I am so thankful that you're such a tough cookie, my friend! What a terrible thing to go through! So glad that you were in the perfect place when this happened. I'm just so glad that you're alright!!! Happy Birthday, my friend!

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