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Off Subject III Kennedy's Picture


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Here is a picture of our new addition. I will say, child birth in a Jeep Liberty is not for the faint at heart. It was quite the miracle however, I almost fainted several times.. LOL... Here is the hospital picture of our new daughter...


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It was actually the mother that did everything.. I was just basically there. ... What stories I will have saved up to tell my grandchildren one day...

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Rick - I guess your daughter just couldn't wait to meet you!!!

How exciting for all of you. Kennedy Jessica is a strong, wonderful name and she will carry it proudly - After all - she has a very special guardian angel who is watching over her. My sincerest love and good wishes to your family - Much Love, Sharon... PS> Katie, try to get some sleep - although this "type" of sleep deprevation is a welcome one I am sure...\


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Dear Katie and Rick,

I have tears of joy for you. How I wish that I could adopt, but have to be in remission 5 years. Lung cancer survival rates are not very encouraging I am afraid. I have not given up on being perhaps a foster parent if I stay healthy though. God has heard your prayers sweet Katie, he has brought you joy and life!


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Here are a few more pics and I promise I will quit.. You gotta understand, showing you guys these pictures is like sharing them with our family.




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