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CT Scans for the Duke on 1/9


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Gol' darn it, it's about time SOMETHING on this board went completely positive! Let me drive my poetic license here and obviously plagiarize a classic...

As he walks through this world

Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl,

And you, you are his girl,

And no one can hurt you, oh no.

Oh yes Earl, he's gonna love you,

Come on let him hold you darling,

'Cause he's your Duke of Earl.

All together now...

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, ...

My thoughts are with you both, Ginny!


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Dear Ginny,

Im sorry I didnt see this post till today 1/11. So I'll be praying for him by name till I see your post in GOOD NEWS!!!

Dear Jesus, please lay Your Healing Hand on our Duke. He's a good man with a good, loving wife. We pray that she is posting in GOOD NEWS before the week is out. Amen.

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