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All clear!


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I do love the way my oncologist comes into the room and says, "Everything looks great!" before the door has even closed behind him.  

I told him how much I appreciate that, and he said he knows nobody in my position wants to hear pleasant chit-chat before getting to the point.  :)

The small nodules that have been there all along remain stable.  

He wants to see me in six months and noted, "That will make it two years."  I asked if, at some point, the scans will spread out.  He said yes, probably after the next one (assuming all's well) it will go out to annual.

Sounds good to me!  Thanks, everybody, for the words of support.  I know a lot of you are dealing with much more serious situations and I appreciate the way you all cheer on even us "lucky" ones.  :) 

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Congratulations Lexie... This made my day!  Ever since I saw your post about your upcoming scan I've been thinking of you. I'm not sure how I would have felt / dealt with this if you'd received bad news... Like Joy Marie said, you are "one of my favorite posters" as well.  You've put so much energy into this site - cheering, helping, informing the rest of us - just very grateful for you and grateful for your good news.  As our lung cancer stories are also similar, I look to you for information as well as inspiration. Merry Christmas, Lexie.  Could not have asked for anything better for you!


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I've been trying to "like" everyone's kind responses, but apparently I've been too reactive lately (must be that CT glow) and it keeps telling me "no more!"

So if you haven't been "liked," rest assured that I appreciate your post!  I appreciate ALL of YOU.

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This is wonderful news! I'm sorry I'm a bit late in sharing my congratulations. We are very happy for you and grateful for all you do for this community!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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Congratulations!   That is exciting news.  I am a 2.7 years lung cancer survivor.  Stage 1 then stage 4 ,  7 months ago 7 new tiny nodules in other lobes.     They are stable right now.  I am interested in knowing more about what is the story with yours if that is ok.  Sounds somewhat similar.    


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Hi, Tim,

I don't think you can really compare our situations.  I've had the same nodules from the beginning.  Only one turned out to be cancerous, which was determined after it increased in size, became spiculated, and lit up on the PET CT scan.  The other nodules are just sitting there with no changes--they are probably scar tissue from an infection or something.  It sounds as if you got new ones, in the other lung, and at least a couple turned out to be cancerous--if I understood your previous posts correctly.  With a Stage IV diagnosis, you will definitely need to be treated.  Last time you posted you said you were looking at immunotherapy.  What's going on with that?

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Right thanks!!   Immunotherapy is my line of treatment when needed I am told.  My 7 nodules remain 4 to 5 mm.  They have not grown for 7 months since first discovered.  So they do not want to start treatment yet as I am considered stable.   A gift!  

Two other nodules 4/5 mm were removed a few months ago, same size and were NSCLC.  They cannot confirm the  ones left are cancerous but believe they are.  If I start immunotherapy with them this small they are concerned other good cells/thyroid etc could be attacked/compromised.   

Back Feb for another scan, see oncologist Feb 12.  I hope that makes sense. Wrapping my head around my gift and what to expect.   Thanks. 

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