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Tomorrow's the day.


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I'll spend today checking off lists and gathering the things that will distract me from my hospital stay. We have to call the surgery coordinator between 1 and 2 PM to get our arrival time tomorrow morning. Having just gone through one major surgery in October (gallbladder, appendix and removal of 1/3 of my colon on the small bowel side) it is fresh in m mind what I'll need. I'll be on a ventilator for two days in the ICU and then weaned off and transferred to a room on the surgical floor where I will see old friends, I hope.

A few days later, I'll go home. I'm hoping my stage is a good one and they get all the cancer leaving me with NED. 

They make it sound like something they do often. I still can't shake the fact my brother died from this same surgery. They gave me some Xanax to cope with it.

I hope to be back next week with a report.


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GAM....laying in a hospital bed right now with about 25% of my lung capacity in some garbage can somewhere.

Surgery was new for me, but sounds like you've been thru it so I will just wish you the best and I hope it is a success.

Dont let em cheat you on the pain meds. If it wasn't for that I would have told you this was far easier (so far) than I expected.



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Best of luck tomorrow.  You seem to have the steps down pretty well, so now relax and let the specialists do what they do so well.  Your job is to relax, rest and recover.  My prayers go out for you.


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