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Something NEW to live for!


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Sandy, I am living vicariously through you. I am now kneeling on the floor and bowing to you-you are my idol!!! It is very hard to type and bow at the same time, so I will have to get up now...there, thats better.

Enjoy the new wheels!!!! I wish you many safe and exciting adventures on your new toy. Did you give it a name? I always thought that people named their motorcycles. Like people always name their boats. Not that you have to paint it on the thing or anything. Living on Long Island, a dream for most people is to own a boat. I have a friend that, when she was a kid, always said that one day she would own a boat and name it "WET DREAM" :shock: Somehow her mother was able to keep her cool and just say, in her best 'Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days' voice- "thats nice, dear."

Sorry I got carried away. Anyway, ENJOY, and drive safely!!!! Take care, Deb

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Ok ... the picture is there now and ... I'M OFFICALLY JEALOUS!!!!!

Rode for 20 years plus. For most of that time didn't even own a car. Gave it up when Gay's back went bad and she could no longer pack in behind me.

That is a SWEET looking ride and I hope you have MANY hours of fun on it. (and yea, come on down if you get the chance. Down here we ride all year long! :))


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Thanks guys!

And glad to see you posting, Norme! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))

DavidC - shhhhhhhsh - Karen will get mad if she hears you calling me mommy!

Wish I really COULD cruise out to see Tiny in Washington and Dean in Californi and Norme in Kentucky - but unfortunately I DO still have to work to pay for the beast!

Love ya all!

Hugs and prayers,


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Sandy I knew you were one bad *ss babe. First off your kicking cancer's butt and now your a hot biker mama. You are my idol.

Keith has been wanting a motorcycle for years. He used to have a harley, but had to sell it in his early twenties after a brush with drinking and driving :cry:

He's been wanting another one ever since, but we can't afford one. Instead we have a friend who is in the used car industry who says he can get us a used Yamaha Virago for about $500. I am going to try and get it together to get him one by the time the snow melts here. Maybe then we can get together and RIDE.

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