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PET Scan Results - Stable

Judy M2

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In October 2019 I got my Stage IIIB lung cancer diagnosis, and today I got the results of last week's PET scan and blood work. I'm stable and doing well on Tagrisso. Blood work is good too, and my CEA level is now in normal range (my oncologist does test for that every month). 

I do have an annoying dry cough but he said it's not cancer-caused. He thinks it's inflammation caused by radiation and wants me to speak with my pulmonologist, which I will do on Monday. (I will also ask him about that crazy retracted left hilum question.) 

As for encouraging hair regrowth, it is okay to take biotin as my hairdresser suggested. 

I'm waiting for the PET scan report to be posted on the patient portal so I can try to read all the lingo. 

One year in and I'll take stable! 

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