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Tomorrow is scan and blood day


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I can't believe it's been three months already. I'm getting a full blood workup (through my port if I'm lucky), then a CT scan from nose to knees first thing in the morning. Then the wait. My appt isn't until Tuesday Feb 2nd and I only meet with the PA. I've met with her a few times during chemo. She never volunteers data, you have to kind of coax it out of her. Just so it's good news, I hope.

My best to all of you.

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My friend, I will be with you in spirit when I head to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for  all of my scans as well.  Happy meds on board of course for the long brain MRI.   Good luck to you!  

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Wow!  I'm glad I came in a bit late.  This way I can give my best wishes and prayers to all three of you getting scans tomorrow.  I want  good outcomes for all of you and as short wait to know the results as possible.   I must have lucked out with my new Oncologist...he scheduled my scans for March 17th and our appointment for the 18th.  Considering I have the patience of a hungry lion I couldn't ask for more.

Again, good luck to all of you and I'll be watching to hear the results.


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Good luck to all getting scans!

When I have my next set of scans (Feb 8), it will be the day before I see the oncologist. Makes me happy I'll have to wait only the one day. 

Keeping fingers crossed everybody here gets good news!

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