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Scan time--good vibes welcome


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Just went for my latest scans today. Fortunately, my appointment with the doc is tomorrow morning (along with my next infusion), so I don't have to sit on pins & needles for long. Seemed like the scans went super-fast this time. I'm not sure if that means anything--I sort of imagine that if something strange/alarming shows up on the image the tech would run another one or two scans to get a better look at it. Maybe that's just something my hopeful brain made up, though. I never ask the techs anything other than "did you get a good image," because I don't wanna put them on the spot. These will be the first scans since starting maintenance therapy, so I'm hoping everything still looks good.

On the up side, I got the results from my annual mammogram last week, and that was normal. My mom died of metastatic breast cancer in her early 50s, and I always figured if I got cancer, that was the most likely. So I'm always relieved when that comes back normal.

I also remembered, today, to get the EKG I need for my scheduled cataract surgery this Friday. Everybody tells me I'll be thrilled with the improvement in my vision--I sure hope so. I feel like I'm looking through the fog in that one eye. 

Just one adventure after another...

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