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JudyB update


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Hello all,

Mom, Judy B, is going to have a small surgery this week to release pressure, de-clog or something like that. Anyhow all is well, just that she is having some pain and pressure so her drs want to get rid of that. This is going to be much easier than the last surgery and she should be out in one day at the most. I will try to keep everyone updated as much as I know.

PS I haven't been on line much as I have had some computer problems and also crazy with the move to Denmark coming up.

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Tell your Mom that I've just now untangled myself after crossing all movable body parts to insure good scan results for someone else. I shall now recross everything with the hopes that doing so will mean that she has a successful surgery that is EASY on her. She's been through a lot of rough stuff and I'm hoping that this latest surgery will bring the hard times to an end.

So,you know you don't HAVE to go to Denmark to hang out with the Danes, right? Just drive up north to the Danish Village of Solvang (not too far from me), and enjoy some shopping, and just hanging out. I'm teasing you, Stephanie. Wish I could hide in Lucie and Dan's suitcase while they visit Scotland, and then I could mail myself to Denmark to visit you. :)

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Hi Steph,

HI My BUD, JUDY B!! Thank you Steph for the update. I was just thinking about your mom last night, and you beat me to the punch on giving us an Update. I did PM your mom over a week ago, and she said she was having some pain. (DAMN!) Please let her know I am saying LOUD PRAYERS for her. She is very loved here, and I for one MISS HER, AND YOU! How are YOU DOING????

Love to the family,


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Thanks everyone for the very needed support!!!!!!

I have met w/the neurosurgeon (same as last one). He will be operating from my back to "de-bulk" and get out as much of this tumor as possible. The surgery will take place Mar 24. He will give the tumor some room to throw off inflammation by removing some bone in vertebrae. This is "EASY" surgery. Will take about an hour. They will keep me over nite, maybe longer. Don't know yet.

The cyberknife will continue to work. It's unfortunate that the drs here (and also PHX) don't fully understand what that procedure is continuing to do. Oh, well. . .

Steph & I will have updates!

Maybe by the time I get passed this little bump our outdoor kitchen will be done! It's looking realllllllly cooool already.

But mainly I want OUT OF THIS JERRY LEWIS LOOK ALIKE CONTEST!!!! Found out this steroid is also responsible for taking away thigh strength. Boy, does it have nasty side effects!!!!!


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Hello all,

Please say a prayer for Mom as I am worried about this one. I know it is suppose to be easier but you know it is my job to worry. I know that Mom is having a lot of side affects from the steroids and also this stupid tumor, anyhow, thanks for all the support and please say a prayer,



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Hey My Buddy Judy B,

Is the OUTDOOR KITCHEN DONE YET??? HUMMMM steaks on the grill will work for all of us on the board. :lol::lol: What time is dinn dinn?

I think you have had your share of R & R and it's time you get your butt back to this board. Do you KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR MISSED HERE???

I AM sending you those POSTIVE VIBES that you alway send everyone else, and I sure hope to see you posting more and more. You know your always in my prayers.

So, do you REALLY LOOK LIKE Jerry Lewis? Maybe we should start a Jerry Lewis look alike contest. :wink:

Sending you LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS my Friend!!!


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Hope you're feeling great in no time. Seriously, slow and steady will get you there.

Hope you have minimal problems with the steroids also. Nasty bit of work, those, even if medically they do work. Mentally very rough, roughest med I've ever taken.

So feel better, and come talk to us again soonest.



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Your mom is in my prayers each day and praying for a Cure for all of us. Why is this disease so complicated and stubborn. Please Steph, keep us posted on how you mom is doing. I just came from Nuero Surgeon today too. I will have surgery in about 2-1/2 weeks too...

Blessings and hugs from So. California...


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