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Hubby getting ready for new ct scan


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Rich had his 4th chemo treatment on Monday and now he is waiting to get scheduled for a ct scan to see if there is any progess. Also getting scheduled to see the radiation doctor again to see if that did any good for the mets on his brain. Can any one tell me if they have had any hearing loss with their treatment?? He says that his left ear he can not hear out of and the right is getting a little hard to hear out of. He is very tired and his feet hurt but other wise is ok. The waiting for the new scans is very hard to do. I hope we see some kind of change for the good. We will keep an update as soon as we get the results which will probley be july 12 when he sees the oncologist again. Thank You Charolette

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I had some hearing loss with cisplatin and I actually had pretty severe auditory reaction (pain in response to noise) the first chemo. My doctor recommended ethyol to protect the hearing after I told him, and the pain and hearing loss were not as bad with subsequent chemos. I did suffer some long term hearing loss, although over time (4 years) it is not as bad as I originally thought, plus I do have ringing in my ears all the time. I know someone who had cisplating 10 years ago and is hearing aid dependent now. I am not that bad, but I need to look at my kids when they speak to me. Carboplatin is supposed to be milder than cisplatin.

Any thing like this should be reported to the doctor. He may be able to help with regard to further chemo.

Good luck on the CT scan.




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Hi Rich and Char,

Just wanted to add in that I have heard that chemo can cause hearing loss. I know when I went through my chemo, I had some hearing loss as well. But, it did get better after I finished up my chemo.

Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers that good news comes out of all of this.

I have to ask also, why so LONNNNG on the wait for the test results? :shock:

Much love and support to you both.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Char, I also heard that chemo can cause a temporary hearing loss but did not experience any with the drugs they gave me. I will be praying for a clean scan for your husband. I will send positive vibes out into the universe for both of you.


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My dad had 4 cycles of Carboplatin/Taxol and had the same side effects as your husband. He has lost quite a bit of hearing in both ears, he talks about the bottom of his feet hurting, and was tired. We told the oncologist about all of the above and they seemed to think it was all normal with this type of chemo.

Does your husband talk about much joint or bone pain with this chemo? My dad had a lot of pain in his joints and bones.

My dad has since been switched to another chemo (Gemzar/Navelbine). He doesn't have quite as much pain with this chemo but is EXTREMELY tired!

I noticed that my dad was dx about the same time as your husband. I hope and pray that Rich has a great report with his scans! Keep us posted.


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You might be able to see the CT Report sooner, if you are up to it. We are able to get copies of the report from the Radiation Dept. Your husband might have to ask for it but technically, I think he has a right. It is usually ready a day after the CT Scan. It might be a bad idea though as it may upset you and your doctor may get something better from the report than a layperson. Myself, I can't wait that long. I always get a copy asap and then look up all the medical terms.

Thinking of you and really hoping for a big improvement.

Margaret in Iowa

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