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Thanks to all of you who replied to my message. I am not very good with words and am sad that we all are here but it is so nice to know that so many people are out there to be with all of us at these times. As you all know my SIL Ginney is the best. She is more of a sister to me. I don't know about the Duchess part either but it sounds good. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. I am new at this so bear with me. I will keep reading about all of you. Thanks again. Duke of Earl's sister Sandy

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Hi Sandy Darlin',

I am so glad to see you here and hope you become a participating member. Getting the perspective of all people affected by lung cancer is helpful to all here.

The only question I have, is I have been on this board since Jan 2003, (started as ginnyd, that name disappeared), and have always referred to Earl as the 'Duke of Earl' - nope - I never became a Duchess.

You post once - yep 1 time - and now you are a 'Duchess'. How did this happen????


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Hi and Welcome Sandy

I am fairly new here and pretty much still a "lurker", but Ginny has become one of the many i look forward to reading posts from. She seems to be an incredible woman caring for the love of her life. You will find yourself coming hear often, if for nothing else just to read the posts from all the wonderful people here. It most definetly gives you hope, and makes the bad days seem not so bad. Welcome and god bless.


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Welcome Sandy to our humble family. Sorry you have to join us, but am glad your here.

The Duke Fan club is very large, as you will notice. The Ginny Fan club is just as large and we at LCSC love them both like family.

Ginny, I might be out in left feild here, as you know I am most of the time, but I'm going out on a limb here and say, that the Duke and Duchess issue is a BLOOD thing and that would doop you out, being your just the Duke's BETTER HALF!!! :wink::lol::lol::lol:

All kidding aside, we are glad to have you join in Sandy. Much love, support and information can be offered to you from this board. We have wonderful members and friends here, and I'm sure you'll have NO PROBLEM fitting in.

Warm Regards,

Connie B.

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Sandy, welcome!!!!!!! I, personally, am a big fan of Ginny and Earls-and I am so glad that you decided to join us, and that Ginny showed you the sight. There are some great people here, I don't think I'd have gotten through everything with my Dad if it were not for my family here.

So-welcome to the cyber-family. I hope to see you post again, take care,Deb

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Welcome, Sandy; you already know what a treasure Ginny is and how we all love the Duke. Glad you've joined our family even though, as everyone says, no one wants to have to join. I hope you'll find information, support and some comfort as you read through all this.

As for the title business, I believe Ginny, as the duke's consort, WOULD be a duchess, while Sandy would be Lady Sandy ______, as daughter of a duke (obviously Earl inherited his title from his dad) and sister of the sitting duke. Or maybe just the Honourable Sandy _______. Have to consult Burke's Peerage to be sure! Hope that that is all clear as mud....


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