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It's Baaaaacccckkkk! :(


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I knew something was going down, but the bone scan and cat scans showed nothing. About a week after I began experiencing pain in my spine that steadily increased until I was only able to sleep sitting up. If I hadn't had scans so recently I would have been faster to react. But I waited until my regularly scheduled appointment with my onc. He sent me for MRI of my spine and they got me in that day. The next day (friday) as I was packing to evacuate he called and told me I had to go to hospital right away as I have a tumor wrapped around my spinal cord. So I have been in the hospital till now. A Neurologist checked me out and they are certain it hasn't invaded the spinal cord, it is just wrapped around it. The radiation oncologist is confident that we caught it early and he can get rid of it. So tommorrow I start the first of 10 shots of radiation. 5 this week and 5 next. Then we will check it out and go from there. So prayers are needed again for me. :cry:

Thanks in advance for your support

Blessings to us all


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I was really worried about you with the weather but had no idea you were in such pain. I hope they caught it early enough to "zap" it away for good. I have you in my prayers but I will change the content now. I wish you the very best and was glad to hear from you. I hope your home wasn't damaged during all of the horrible weather..youhave enough to contend with without that.


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Dear Betty,

I am so sorry that you got this crappe news. The good news is that it is not in your spinal column and that the dr. has a good plan and isn't letting any grass grow under his feet.

Hope the treatments take you back to NED and that your pain and discomfort disappear pronto.

Of course, you are in my prayers.

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