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Connie B

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Hi Everyone!

First I want to wish everyone well and let you know I pray for all of us each and every day.

Having said that, I have some wonderful news to share with you about my Grandson Austin.

As you all know he is hearing impaired and he had surgery to implant a cochlear implant behind his left ear.

Well, as of this date, he has been able to hear different sounds. The first thing he heard was a car horn. He then heard the phone ring the other day, and he heard me knocking on our front bay window at him while he was outside, alone with other little noises. You know, the look on his face is PRICELESS!! I would LOVE for you all to be able to just see his face. It really puts a smile on my face! I know it would yours as well. :)

We are all just thrilled at his recovery and his advancement. The doctor's have said this is a very slow process and it will take time before he can hear things in somewhat of a normal fashion. And it will take him time to recognize what these sounds are. We are working with him on sounding out sounds. He really tries hard! What a kiddo!

I also want to thank ALL of you for your love and support and I just had to share with all of you how our little guy is doing.

Much Love and Support to All,

Connie B.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU EVERYONE for your love, support, your very warm and kind words. I have printed everyone's posts so when Austin reaches an age that he can read and understand, he will know that people and friends all over the world were pulling for him and sending him good wishes and happy thoughts.

I can't wait to share everyone's messages with him one day. I have put them in a scrapbook so he will be able to keep it forever! Thanks everyone! Your all a major part of his support system, he just doesn't know it yet, but he will!!! :D:D

I'll post an update from time to time how he is doing. And again, THANK YOU your kindness is very appreciated!! By the way, my daughter stopped by today and said, he can hear when someone knocks on the door. She said, you have to knock pretty loud and hard, but he can hear it. :D:D

Love & Hugs to All,


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Hey Berchem! Show him the Baby in the Tub card - he'll love it!

Awesome news Connie. See if you can take a picture of the look on his face when he hears something and post it on Avatar.

I still look at that card at least once a day, and it still kills me, if you know what i mean :lol: . Ouch!


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