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I am going to beat this beast


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I am going to mop the floor with this beast. I am going to kick it down the stairs. I am going to punch it in the face. I'm going to kick it in the other thing.

I am going to go back to publishing my magazine. I'm going to help artists and writers just like I used to.

I'm going to see Christmas. I'm going to go to Amsterdam. I'm going to go to Ireland. I'm going to visit Galway County. I'm going to start back with my Dutch language lessons and French and Irish Gaelic. And gosh darn it -- -- I'm going to do what I have wanted to do for the past three years -- -- hike the AT-- -- all the way.

So,Beast-- put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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who are you? and how come I don't know you? I love your spirit!!! and please add Copenhagen to your trip and come see me!! hahaha, anyhow, Dutch is impossible to learn, the French well you know, hahahhaha, everyone speaks English and i am in Ireland over Christmas!!! so you go and fight this and make your plans and I am sure my mother is looking down on you and is proud of your strength!!!

go fight win!! (sorry the old cheerleader in me) go fin win!


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I was talking away and noticed no words appearing on screen. Then I noticed I hadn plugged in the microphone. duh!!

thank you, Don and ALCASE

I am shy and self-conscious about my speech and hearing!! But, hearing from you in Jane in the past two days has helped immensely after the call, Don, I spoke my daughter and my positve energies were passed on to her and I'm she went into work at the medical lab she passed them on to her friends. Amazing again, thank you Don, thank you Jane, and all the supporters on board here


Nina mentioned whining on thread. Nina -- -- no biggie--we are all going to whine, stumble fall get up and go on

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Your Welcome Cat. ALCASE has given me a great opportunity to talk with people like you and I enjoyed our conversation so much. I want you to keep the faith and use this second chance. Your sprit is rising now.

God Bless


ALCASE is at www.alcase.org if anyone would like to visit the site and their phone number is 1-800-298-2436 and tell them you want a phone buddy. If we all work together pulling each other up we can beat this cancer. And its all free of charge. God Bless All. :wink:

REMEMBER: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Wear your pin.

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Yes, Cat! Beat it, beat it, beat it! I love to see this fighting spirit!

My husband and I went to Ireland (including Galway) 8 1/2 years ago, and it was even much more beautiful than I'd even imagined it could be. Look up the Skellig Islands - we took a boat out to them and climbed to the top of the one you can disembark upon. There's an old abandoned monastery at the top . . . amazing, simply amazing. Truly no words to describe the experience.

We're fightin' with you all the way -

Praying for us all,


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I'm going to kick it in the other thing.


Your post made me smile and this particular quote made me laugh so hard, a laugh I needed so badly. Fight like a tiger, Cat, and give it a good, hard kick it in the other thing for me too! As my little 3 year old daughter says, Rah Chicka Rah, Go Cat Go! Thinking of you.

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