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Do you make coffee?


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I am posting a poem I wrote last February that was used on the front of the bulletin at Mike's funeral. If you would like a copy of the bulletin, complete with pictures, send me your address via e-mail here. - Hugs, Shannon

Do You Make Coffee?

I wish I was a woman of greater faith,

Who willingly gives up her husband to your care

Knowing that you love him more and want him

But Heavenly Father, my soul and heart is laid bare.

Who will tell me that they love me

Every morning when I rise,

Who will make me feel special

By seeing the love in his eyes.

Who will make my morning coffee,

And help me make the bed,

Who will give me cash to tide me over,

When my checkbook balance is in the red.

Who will pat my head so gently

As he passes through the room,

Who will be the man who calls to tell me

Sweetie, I’ll be coming home soon.

Who will help me with the dishes,

And wipe my frown away

With a simple phrase of love

Like “Everything’s going to be okay.”

Who will check my tire pressure,

And tell me to change my oil,

Who will pick our garden flowers

And lovingly work the soil?

Who will make my bad days good,

When I come home all a’flustering,

Who will hold out his arms for a hug

When no words will change a thing

Who will help clear the table,

At holiday’s dinners with me,

Who will carve our turkeys

When it has always been he.

Who will I call when a decision

Alone I will have to make

He has always been the tie breaker

Even if his vote I didn’t take.

Who will comfort and console me,

When my heart is full of pain

Who will be the laughter and my sunshine

When my life is full of rain?

Who will sit and sup with me

Night after lonely night?

Who can do nothing with me

And have it feel so right.

The life we built together

Too quickly quickly passed

Dear Lord I want to start over

Our lives just went too fast.

I know that you are here

As you always have been and will be

I’m comforted by that fact.

But dear Lord do you make coffee?

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Dear Shannon,

I loved your poem. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. I know that you must miss Mike dearly but I know that he is waiting for you in heaven with a big pot of coffee. You are in my prayers.

Lots of Love,

Susan M.

P.S. You are a very talented poet!!

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Dear Shannon ---so sorry for what you are going through---although you will never stop feeling the pain of losing Mike, in time it does get a little better and I hope your beautiful memories of your life with him ease some of the pain you are feeling

regards Eileen

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Dear Shannon,

I'm sending you LOVE, HUGS and MUCH SUPPORT! Thank you my dear friend for sharing that beautiful poem.

God, Mike and all your family and friends are with you my dear.


Warm and Very Gentle Hugs,

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Dear Shannon,

That truly was beautiful. Although my husband is not sick that really hit home. That poem fits my life with him perfectly. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I am hoping your faith will help you and your precious family get through it somehow.

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With tears in my eyes, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. My husband use to make my coffee every morning and bring it up to me as I woke up and we would talk about the day ahead. He was always up ahead of me taking care of the dogs and the early chores, he never woke me when he got up, he would just come up the stairs with my favorite coffee cup (Patriots) and sit with me while I yawned and complained about the hour of the morning, he was always smiling at me when he came up even though I was a grumpy morning person. Oh, to have those days again. Please send me a copy, because it means so much to me. kblanchard@thplaw.com. I feel your pain so completely, thank you for your strength even as early and as new your wound must feel. I am so so so sorry we have or any of us have to go through this. God Bless you!

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Shannon, I can only reiterate what everyone else has said: That was truly a heart wrenching poem.

Whenever anyone would ask me why I wouldn't stop smoking, I always said I couldn't bear to outlive my husband.

I can't stop thinking about you.. . .

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YOur poem was touching and beautiful, what a tribute to Mike. I would love to have a copy of the funeral bulletin. I will email you with my address. I hope you don't leave us, you are such an inspiration to all of us, please stay around and let us help you as much as we can.

Bess B

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Guest canuckwebgrrl


I can't even conceive of what you're feeling. Your poem is such a beautiful expression of the love between you & Mike. Thank you.

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Guest pepperpike

Thank you for such a lovely post in the midst of what must be immense grief. I will take this as a reminder to show the love I have for those around me each and every day. Loving memories are something we can leave others should God call us home.

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