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Justakid in the hospital

Remembering Dave

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Hello everyone. I just got an email fom Mr. Justakid saying that Beth is in the hospital. He said that............ Beth went to doctor today for a cough and elevated heart rate. Her GP admitted her to Heroic Doctor's Parham. They are going to do a CAT scan with dye checking for pulmonary embolisms. If they don't find anything they will send her home tomorrow. If something does show up she could be in for 3 or 4 days. ................

I am going to try and call her tonight but wanted everyone to know so you can send your good thoughts and prayers her way.

David C

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So sorry to hear that Beth is in the hospital. Sounds like her dr. is being very careful, and that is very good. Hoping she gets to come home tomorrow and have a good Christmas at home with her family.

Poor Beth, she has been through so much.

Feel Better!


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Thanks for letting us know about Beth.


What in the world are you up to to go to the hospital over the holidays? I hope they find that all you need are a few antibiotics and that you are home in your own bed tomorrow night. Still in my prayers Kid. Take care of yourself.


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Mr. Justa, the slurpee runner and out in the garage coffee maker, emailed with an update on his honey.

The embolism has been ruled out...YAY!!!

And they still don't know what is causing her racing heart. She will be seeing the radiologist in the morning.

Mr. Justa says either he or Beth will let us know what is going on.

Everyone sleep well tonight. Including Mr. and Mrs. Justakid.

Love, Cindi

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