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PhD awarded


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I got this message from Becky's advisor today, and I thought I would share it with you all:

Dear Curtis,

The process to award the Ph.D. degree posthumously to Becky is now complete and successful. I am happy to report that it was approved at all levels. I know that this is a tiny gesture in the scheme of things, but I do hope that you and the rest of Becky's family can find a way to celebrate her achievement. I am certain that Becky would have completed the degree in bold fashion, had she not faced such unfortunate circumstances. I hope that you will be able to explain this to Katie when the proper time arises. Becky was an excellent student. I am proud to have known her and to have served as her thesis advisor.

Becky's name will placed on the graduation list for the Spring 2005 commencement. You and any family members are invited to attend this commencement. If your were to attend, then you would be seated in the reserved seating, located on the first level of the Civic Center. At the outset of the graduation ceremony, the President would announce Becky's degree and recognize your attendance at the commencement (there normally are a few special recognitions of that or a similar type). Please let me know soon if you wish to attend.

The other item that I need from you is the address of where you want Becky's diploma to be sent. It will be mailed to that address, with an expected arrival of 6-8 weeks after the ceremony.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy that The Florida State University can now follow through to award to Becky the degree that she rightly earned.

Sincerely yours,


For so many years, I looked forward to calling her Dr. Becky. I am so glad, relieved, sad, excited and depressed that FSU has done this. It was supposed to mark the beginning of a journey and not just the culmination of one. Graduation is in Tallahassee, FL, on April 29, 2005. I will be there, as will many family and friends.


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Curtis, how very, very wonderful! The words of her thesis advisor should be framed; such deep respect for Becky as a scholar and a person is beautiful and rare. (I think Katie should get the appropriate (miniature) PhD hood for the occasion!) Congratulations to Becky, you and Katie, Teresa

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Curtis, this is quite a testament to Dr. Becky and the impression she made on so many people. Thank you for sharing it with us. I agree that the letter should be framed and kept for Katie (and you). What a great tribute this is! I'm glad you can go to the ceremony. (I'm sure you wouldn't miss it for the world.)


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