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Someone please pinch me


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I've held off posting this for fear that I am dreaming; at the risk of waking up....

Bill had tests, tests and more tests last week. PET was clean (no lymph node involvement as suspected) and MRI shows that the two remaining mets on the brain remain the same in size and show no growth.

We're going to sit back, relax, enjoy life and wait for the round of tests again in 8 weeks. For now....Life is good.

Peace and love to all my friends here.

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Actually, we're going to be more adventurous this time and we are heading down to the Florida Keys. Just made the reservations for end of the month. We used to be so conservative and always saving for that "rainy day"; but after the storm we have weathered this past year we figure...live, live and live some more. So....we'll be joining all of ya at the bar....but come the end of the month...it will be a cabana bar on the beach and in the sun! :D

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