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My sister

dani hobbs

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Oh, dear.....I am so sorry to hear this. I know the two of you were extremely close....and I hope, in time, all the wonderful years of good memories will help replace the sadness with just smiles.

Your sister sure did live life to the fullest though, didn't she? I'm so glad she and her hubby got to take that last, long trip and enjoy themselves. So many people would have put it off...not gone. I think it says a lot about your sister's spirit that she took off to go do something that brought her so much pleasure.

This is never easy....and while she won't be with you physically....she will always be with you, Dani. With such a strong bond as the two of you had....well, there is a line from an old Streisand song that I've always loved....and it applies here......Your lives are "a rope that won't come untied".

Again, my sincere sympathies. But I think you both were very, very fortunate too...in the loving and lovely relationship you shared as sisters and as friends, too.

Godspeed Da.

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