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Fingernail biting time


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If you are just a "wee bit nervous", then you are doing better than I do. I know what you meant, and I know you are more than a wee bit nervous. I can't remember where I read it recently, but it said that the hardest time for cancer patients and caregivers is anticipating scan time and results. I can believe that, too!

Great big prayers are going to God right now for Len.



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Well, we're still basically on hold. Went to the onc yesterday for what was essentially good news as far as it went. Blood tests were great, physical exam terrific, doctor "not worried" but...

first xray since radiation showed something that is probably radiation damage but not clear. What they could see was fine; of course, it's what they couldn't see....

So Len's having a CT scan. Oncologist is going away next week for the February break and said he didn't think there was anything to worry about, that we could have the CT scan anytime in March but "if you are worried..." And of course we are worried, having worried all this time. So we agreed that they'd set up a CT scan for us and we'd talk with him when he got back a week from Monday (or get the results from someone else in his office if we preferred). After we got home, we got a call that the scan would be done on Monday -- leaving us with a week before the onc. gets back. We said ok but....called his office and asked who, in particular, we should speak to about the scan while he was away. In no time at all, we got another call back from him, saying that he has pushed the scan up to Friday and would get the results and call us before he leaves. So we'll go ahead and get it done, and know the results, tomorrow.

We're not as nervous as we were -- radiation damage makes sense, but we want to know for sure. So keep your vibes coming our way!


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