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Remembering Dave

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first of all Thank each and every one of you for your prayers and thoughts. I have never been in so much pain in all my life. The pain was so bad I cannot/could not explain it. It was mostly in my left hip and knee sockets and left shoulder and elbow sockets. I could barely move. They loaded me up on pain pills and sent me on my way the fist time. Later in the evening the pain came back much, much worse. It even hurt to stay still. OK, enough of that. I will have multiple pain releiving medications here at home from here on out. I am still pretty foggy headed from the drugs but hey......no pain. Karen has been a complete Angel Not to mention my sister Becky from LA who has been a tremendous help to Karen in watching Faith while Karen deals with me.

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Dave I am glad to see you posting!!!! Praying really hard the pain subsides.

I can't wait to meet your sister!! Of course I would like to meet you and Karen and Faith too, but Becky is a bit more realistic logistically ;)

Hang in there and fight fight fight. Oh and take pain pills as much as you need to also :)

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I haven't posted much recently but have been following the Chapman posts and silently cheering you on over here in Oklahoma... I'm so sorry for the pain you are having. Keep taking all the drugs you need David to get through this setback, who would have thought we could get high legally when we grew up :shock: ?

My thoughts are with you and yours....

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David....if the meds do it for you right now...then use them! I'm just hoping your pain subsides real soon.

You're fortunate to have such a great family...on both sides...that will be there to help, too. It's got to be such a relief sometimes to know you've got solid back-up...eh?

Thoughts are with all of you for you to feel better soon and get back on the Road to NED!!

Hoping to meet you there, buddy!! I'll bring the vodka or beer...you bring the chips, ok? :wink:

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Dave...so glad to hear you're feeling better. Glad to know the meds are helping you to tolerate the pain! I'm also glad to see that the fingers are working fine and you're posting today! I'm keeping you and the Chapman gang in my prayers. Hang in there....we all know how tough you are!!! And....yes...we all already know Karen is an angel!!!!!

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So sorry that you got all banged up.

Glad they could help you get the pain controlled. That in of itself is quite miraculous. What did they used to do in great grandmother's time??

Hang in there, Dave. You know me and all my snowmen are rooting for you! Yeah! Team!

Try not to behave so much. Very happy that Becky is there. Beth emailed me that she really enjoyed visiting with her and said that she was very nice.

Okay, dear.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Dave,

So sorry you are having such a difficult time. Iam glad that the pain pills are helping you cope.

I wish there was something I can do to help ease your pain.

Take care, big guy and know that there are so many people pulling for you. Hang in there.

Sending healing mediatation thoughts to you.


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Dave..so glad to see a post from YOU!! When you are feeling well enough to get on the computer, things are looking up. Leasst thats how it been with mom. I was always happy when I showed up at her house and she was at her desk rather than the recliner.

The only thing i can contribute is with the pain pills, if you take them as perscribed (every 4 hrs/6 hrs, whatever) wether you need them or not. I think you will find the pain to be less severe. The med is constant in your body and if you take it only when your really hurting or whatever, it has to work overtime to make the pain go away. Mom has had a time with that as she doesnt want to take anything if she does not need it, but I think she has finally seen she is in less pain when she takes them regular like that.

Good luck and you and your wonderful family have my prayers


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Well, I'm sure you all know by now that David is the King of Understatement. "Ouch," indeed! I'm not sure if he was just being extra strong for me (or Karen) or what, but if I'd been in as much pain as he was, I would've been a basket case. Not David. Even Mr. Cool has a limit, though. I was really glad when they decided to take him back to the ER last night... although they weren't able to help him. Guess if you take enough percosets, they eventually do the trick.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all your good thoughts and prayers. My sister (the quiet one) has been calling twice a day to check on David and is planning her next visit, and my parents are on their way here. Karen's family came to the rescue with drugs last night when the doctors were too busy at the ER. And I think every friend of every family member (and some of their friends & family) is praying for David, and of course all of you. With all that, good doctors, and Karen & Faith in his corner, things have just got to keep getting better.


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