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From Disappointment to Good News

Don Wood

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Hey, hey, hey! Your thoughts and prayers are working, folks! Thanks so very much! We feel much loved and cared for.

The beautiful onc called today (yes, he is a beautiful person!) and said:

(1) The MRI of the upper left thigh shows no tumors! It is a littile inflammed and he is putting her on a steroid for a few days. Lucie told me today that the pain there was receding some. Halleluiah!

(2) The X-ray that the pulmonologist ordered -- he has seen it and there is nothing there to be concerned about at this time. Halleluuiah!

(3) He has gotten Iressa approved for Lucie and we should be getting it any day now to start her maintenance program. Halleluiah!

(4) He has approved physical therapy twice a week for about 4 weeks to get her heck and shoulders in shape, and he is also going to add getting her left leg to bend more so she can put on her sock. We went today to physical therapy for the evaluation session, all that paper work and clearance from the insurance. Halleluiah!

Is today a good day or what?! Am I ecstatic or what?! God is good. Don

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Guest colleen_33

Don that is just great!!! The waiting for those test results is just awful but sometimes it is worth it!!! I will keep praying and my best to you both!!! Prayers to you, Colleen

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:lol: Hi Don,

So glad to hear your good news . With all your good wisdom and

prayers you certainly deserve some Blessings. Keep up the good

work. I hope you too are doing better.

God Bless You Both,



ag 61 dx Adenocarcinoma Stage 11, 12/01, Right lung removed on 1/02,

4/02 - spread to lymphnodes. Restaged 1V nsclc, 6 chemo treatments,

Taxol/carboplatin beginning 5/02 ending 8/28/02- been in remission since

and grateful for it

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