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4 years and 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy RN

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I saw the onco. on Mon. I got the results of the reg. CT's and all are still neg!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the effusion is smaller.

It has now been over 4 years since they found this life changing (to say the least!) disease.

Thanks to all on here who have been here for me. I have been on these boards now since the first month and it has been wonderful knowing-day or NIGHT I can get on here and someone is out there that totally understands where I am at!


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Keep it going, Cindy!! You give us all something to shoot for. I was only limited to start....but only got a 4 month remission!! :? Look at you....you were extensive and you're now beyond 4 years and working on a long SECOND remission. :D

That's now my goal....that once this second round of chemo is over....I too, will enjoy a LONNNNG second remission.

Love to hear your success at survival...you inspire me...and I'm counting on you to keep on doing it for a long, long time. Deal? :wink:

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Cindy, I've been following your story, and it was so wonderful to log on tonight and read your news!

Praise God!

I pray that others with sclc will be able to join you in the "4 years and going strong" club! :)


Mom diagnosed limited stage sclc 12/01

Entered heaven 6/l5/04

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Hi Cindy!

I've been a 'silent' member here for a long time but have PM'd you twice during my husband's journey and you were so wonderful. I wasn't able to be on the site since early March so I had missed your wonderful news! Your postings and your personal successes have been so uplifting to me and I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and keep on doing exactly what you have been doing because it is working!

I'm so thrilled!


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