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Halfway point with chemo - CT results


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Just had the scan yesterday afternoon...and didn't expect to get results until tomorrow. But my onc wanted to see me today as he'll be out of the office for the next week.

So...in we go. Preliminary Rad report says, basically, "Improvement". Cooper, my onc, goes to view the scan on the hospital computer....comes back....qualifies his comment by saying, "I'm NOT a radiologist...but compared to the last scan I'd say about 50% reduction!!!"

Can you see me smiling?

Just to know the Topo is working is a boost, let alone that it's reduced the cancer by about 50% at the halfway point. I'm hoping it follows this "schedule" and by the time I've got 6 cycles in me, the cancer will be gone....beaten into remission.

Remember people, I had a pancreas FULL of the stuff, including the pancreatic tail....and had four tumors in my liver, the biggest of which was 4 cm. Lots of cancer there. 50% less is great...my appetite's been good, weight holding steady, liver function is just fine, no jaundice, very, very little nausea or tummy urpies.

I might just try to go play nine holes next week, with my hubby!

Meantime, I'm sending out GREAT SCAN RESULT VIBES to any and all who need them! This has been a great day so far and it's not even lunchtime yet!~ :wink:

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Gosh Addie..

I read your message and outloud I am saying...wow....


Congratulations! You have been through it! Now. On to Justakid for some wows for her tomorrow.. I hope. You two started this right about the same time, if I remember right.

Hope your day on the course is astounding.

love, Cindi o'h

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Yippee! What great news! I should go out and dance in the streets for you, but I'd get hit by a truck or something. (Wild traffic today after the CMT awards last night -- streets closed yesterday, lots of flotsam and jetsam all over today. Eeeuuu.)

Anyway, you're a champ. You continue to amaze me with your commitment and your great attitude.

This is the BEST news! Now, let's pray that the next cycles kick this in the rear end for good.


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Addie, for obvious and very selfish reasons, I think I am happier than anyone else on this board that the topotecan is working for you! That means it DOES work.

Dave had chest ct scans Monday, brain MRI Friday, bone scans a week ago Monday. we see the onco doc today for all the results. the only thing we really don't know anything about is the CT scan. everything else is looking good. and he hasn't even been able to have half the topotecan he should have had by now. sooo, I'm really nervous about the CT scan!

Anyway, I'm doing a happy dance inside for you, you just did a wonderful thing, and that was give me HOPE, and that's what we're all here for, HOPE.

God Bless you,


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