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Update on my tx...


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Hi all,

I amm scheduled to startt chemo again tomorrow. They want to try Gemzar. I don't think I am strong enough to take itt. I have a feelinng I may be going the hospiice route sooon. I just really don't think I can do the chemo right now & the tumors are growing & spreaading. I wanntt to thank you all for your prayers & kindness. I'll let you know when I can if I do start the chemo tomoorroow. I seriously doubt iit thoough.

Hugs & Prayerss


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Hi Melanie.

I know that you don't think that you are strong enough today for another chemo and you are probably right. But, wait and see what you and your onc can put together tomorrow. I know that you have been knocked on your touchie by all of the previous treatments. But, you might just need a little more time to recover, before you will feel up for the next assault.

I know that emotionally and spiritually you are in a good place. That takes a load off right there.

Let your onc. know what you are feeling and maybe the Gemzar will not be so problematic for you. Give yourself just a little more time and the with the expertise of your onc., maybe you can put together a suitable plan.

Whatever you decide, honey, you know that I am behind you 100%. I know that you have put so much into treatment already and have suffered with pain in your back. That in itself can make someone all wore out and feel like crap. Please let us/me know how it goes tomorrow. I will say prayers for wisdom for you.

love, Cindi o'h

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Good morning, Melanie,

I just wanted to let you know that my husband also did well on Gemzar. He had it in combination with Navelbine, and was much, much easier on him than Taxotere/Carboplatin. I know some have reported problems with Gemzar, so I think it depends on the person.

I also wanted you to know that I can tell that you are one of the sweetest, most wonderful women God created. I can tell from your posts that you really have it together mentally, and you have convinced me that you are at peace and in love with every moment of your life. You are remarkable!

Saying many prayers for you, sweet Melanie!



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I just want you to know that my prayers are with you today. I hope something can be worked out for you. As for the Gemzar, I may be mistaken , but I seem to remember them saying that is one can can be given in different strengths. Also, I wonder if you are on any steroids. Mike is on prednisone and is using oxygen now due to pneumonitis (inflammation to his lung). After 2 weeks , it has helped him. They also had to give him a break in treatment for now to gain his strength. I'm just thinking out loud and looking for hope for you. Most of all, I want you to know that no matter what the decision, you have our prayers. Take strength in that. God be with you.

Love, Sue

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I am thinking of you right now as you are probably getting your first Gemzar treatment. I could feel your trepadation in your post. I know how hard it is to gear up for yet another treatment, and by now you are mentally exhausted. Keep coming here to vent. We've all been there at one time or another.

I, myself, may be heading back into chemo within the next few weeks and really don't know if I can handle it either. But, I know my husband and son won't let me give up and they keep me strong and focused.

I am praying for you and praying that the Gemzar slows the beast down giving you some relief and comfort.


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I took Carboplatin and Gemzar at the same time and they worked for me. Now I did feel bad but it got me to the point where they put me on Iressa, which I have been on since August 2004.

God Bless and help with your decision.

love ya. Marion

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