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Leg is infected

Cindy RN

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Well just when I thought all was going well. BAM!

The surgery I had on my right ankle last week went well, then on Tues this week the swelling got worse and the skin around the incision became red/purple. By Wed. afternoon it was worse so I went in and saw my reg Dr. here in town. Back on Cipro. This morning (Fri.) it was worse, the red/purple area was bigger and it was becoming more painful and swollen. So I went back in. This time he wanted IV antibiotics to get it under control. I can not stay in the hospital right now-this is Relay weekend-so I have to go in outpatient everyday for a week for IV antibiotics.

I am about sick of this, my house is set up on levels. There are steps to each level. Me and the crutch are becoming best friends.

Please keep me in your prayers. I just want to be


again, know what I mean??????????????????

Love Cindy

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sorry about this upside down mess. Can't be a very good thing to have an infection where you do. So little blood supply to that area, I am thinking. Are you hot packing or doing anything else to get the healing process expedited?

About the normal thing. One of my friends said the very same thing after she came out of a coma and the machines had been unplugged and she was in a rehab facility. "I just want to be NORMAL"

My response to her..."Why start now?"

Get better soon!

cindi o'h

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Hi Cindy,

I am certainly keeping you in my thoughts and prayers 10x over are on the way. BUT I didn't underdtnd about not being able to go into the hospital due to Relay weekend. I assume it is Relay for Life? If it is, then I assume you are involved in some capacity Which prevents you from checking in?? Then I say - sometimes we just need to put ourselves first - you know?

PLEASE take proper care of yourself!!!! We need you here full power, okay?


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Cindy, pretty soon you can earn extra money giving lessons on 'how to use crutches properly'. We may just have to buy you a scooter.

I know you are going to keep the doc on his toes to get this under control, but I will worry about you until you post that the ankle is back to healing properly.

As I've told you before, you are one of my 'heros' so you need to get your cape back on soon. No pressure intended.


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Hi Cindy,

I hope by now there has been an improvement with the infection. What a bummer that you had to go everyday to get injected.

I pray all goes well, and you can concentrate on just getting better.


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