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Hello to all and thanks for the mutual support provided here. Right now, I need all the support and encouragement I can get.

I was diagnosed with NSCLC in March of 2004. Since there was only one tumor at that time, outside the lung, the Dr recommended surgery, an upper right lobectomy, which was performed April 27, 2004 with curative intent.

Subsequent monthly scans showed no metastasis through December of 2004. January, 2005 I became very sick and the Doc thought pneumonia. Xray showed suspicious spots. Followed with MRI, CT, PET and needle biopsy, diagnosis, stage IV NSCLC.

Strong antbiotics got me through the pneumonia and right now I feel great. It's very hard to believe I have a fatal disease. I'm 62, married 39 years to a wonderful wife and have three adult children, one of which lives at home. He will be 18 in November. All of us are in shock and disbelief.

I recently changed health care facilities, to a large cancer treatment center here in Seattle. I did this both because I wanted an additional opinion and I wanted a specialist in lung cancer. We made a choice not to start chemo at this time because I am without symptoms. His current prognosis is about a year. When asked about a start date for chemo, he said, "You will know." I'm not looking forward to that.

On the up side, I attended the first Seattle based support group specifically for lung cancer last Thursday and enjoyed it very much. We mutually decided that we would welcome spouses and other caregivers, so I'm hoping my wife, Bobbie can attend in two weeks. If others are interested, I can provide contact information.

This Saturday, there is the American Cancer Society's Run for Life at Husky Stadium. I plan to be there despite my dislike of crowds. I don't know how far I can run/walk, but I'll make whatever statement I can for other cancer patients, including myself. Contact me if you are going, as I would like to meet other cancer survivors.

Well, long introduction. I'll be here for whatever time is left.


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Hi Michael,

Welcome here. I am so sorry for your diagnosis.

It's a shame with all the CT's you had that they did not catch until it was IV. Amazing, you do everything right and then you get a blow like that.

As many people have said here, never listen to statistics as so many have beaten the odds. And continue to do so.

Keep us informed of what is going on. We are a great support group and full of information you might need.


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Welcome Michael:

You'll find lots of supportive, kind, and knowledgable people here. While none of us just happened to trip in here by mistake, I know for myself, that it was a blessed day when I did find this site.

My best wishes and prayers are with you and yours.

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Hi Michael: welcome to the survivors board. Man, that is a tough break recurring after an operation with curative intent. It happened to me too, but I guess I lucked out again (sort of), because my recurrence was local (stageIA). I had a second operation with curative intent. There are many stage 4 survivors who have been around for years. I am sure you will be one of them. I am guessing you changed to Swedish. They are a premier cancer center. I am 60 years old and live about 20 miles North of Hoquiam on SR101. I have 4 adult children, the youngest is 21. They are all away from home. My wife and I are legally separated, but have gotten much closer since I came down with cancer. It looks like the weather will be halfway decent this Saturday. I hope you have a good time at the stadium.

Don M

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Hi Michael and Welcome to the place NONE of us wants to be, but BOY are we glad to have one another.

You'll see that we have several long term LC survivors that weren't suppose to be here, but... :wink: I have a lady in my Support Group here who is a Stage IV LC survivor of 5 years now, and she is doing just FINE! Her tumor's are there, but they are not growing. She did chemo and radiation and the end results are 5 years and still here and going strong! She was 60 at the time.

I'm not sure why your not willing to do chemo now, but you might want to rethink your options. It's not always the BIG BAD DRUG that some people say it is. OH SURE, I know some people get very sick,(I'm not trying to down play that), but there are MANY of us that didn't or don't get sick and go through our treatments in flying colors.

I hope you'll stay with us. You will find a great deal of support here, not to mention a LOT of wonderful new friends.

Best Wishes,


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Michael -

Well here goes ! I too am new to this site.

I received my Dx'd on May13th 2005. My lingo isn't as informed as the rest of you, but I'll sure try.

I was diagnosed with stage IV - involved lymph nodes -and mets to the brain.

Starting with chest xray- cough that wouldn't go away.

Several ct's/head, abdomen,chest- needle biopsy - pet scan - to confirm.

Today another ct of the brain. confirmed met.

Friday 5/20 another ct then a stealth MRI.

Starting Sterotactic Radiosurgery next week. (Monday orTuesday) 23rd/24th..

May 31st I will start tx to lungs..both chemo and radiation .

I too was told that I had 1year tops IF i treated aggressively.

After being browbeaten to check out this site ( by my daughter ) ( MissyK)-

I do believe there is hope.

I cannot believe there are so many survivors when we are are given little hope.

I found a radiation oncologist that is full of it. Hope/ life and encouragement.

I think we have an obligation to each other to help keep that optimism.

The rad oncologist said we MUST keep our weight and ATTITUDE up !!

I have a wonderfull family that I know will help me through this. I am counting on them to give me a kick if I start faltering.

I know that with them and the help of God I can see many more years.

I am looking forward to checking in on this site and seeing so many of you helping, me and each other. Thank you so much for being here.[/u]

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Hi Michael

Welcome to our website, but I am sorry you had to find us. I agree with the others, and suggest you ignore the prognosis of one year. The doctor really has no idea if that's the case or not. My Mum is a nearly two year survivor of Stage IV NSCLC. It can be done!



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When Brian asked the doc about how many years we can hold the cancer off w/ chemo and so forth, doc said,

"Brian, we are talking months, not years."

Well, I told Brian - FINE -

We are now aiming for hundreds of months............

No problem.



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Michael, welcome here! You have a great attitude and that will get you far. Glad to see you are in a support group -- commend you for that. So many men shun the idea but I have found it informative and supportive. My wife is also in a support group.

If they gave you a year, based on old statistics (each person is different), just make up your mind you are going to beat that. This is what my wife has done, and she is Stage IV NSCLC, and out 2 1/2 years from diagnosis. She was originally given 9 months.

Keep us posted on your progress and your family, and let us know how we may support you. Good luck. Don

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Hi Michael--

Welcome to a great support group! I'm not sure why they are not doing chemo for you either; a second opinion never hurts. My Dad is almost a 5 year survivor of l.c. and he's 81. I believe he is going to hit a "rough road" shortly (he just had a PET today due to new problems which are indicative of a spread); however, he's geared up to continue fighting and working on the next 5 years. So please don't believe those statistics.

Gail p-m

PS I'm just a bit north of you in B.C.

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Welcome to the site. I'm new here too and my father is the patient.

I just wanted to say that I think that taking your wife to the support group is wonderful. I know you mentioned that your children are older, maybe they might even be interested in something like that??? Just a thought.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers...

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Hi Michael.

My friend Pam was diagnosed as stage IV in early June of last year. We asked for a prognosis after given the diagnoses and our Oncologist said that he really doesn't like to give them because there are so many variations to the disease and each case is truly different. He said if we insisted on having a number that a historical bell curve would show a 9-12 month range. He then added that those were historical numbers that didn't factor in newer treatments and that his appointment immeidately prior to ours was with a man who was diagnosed with stage IV nsclc with brain mets 12 years ago!

So, we didn't become obsessed with our 9 to 12 month number. Good thing since next week will be the 12 month mark and Pam feels so good and is so active that I can't keep up with her!

Take care and God bless. Believe me, the people on this board will be a valuable resource to you with respect to information and inspiration. They have to us.

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