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New Plan in Place


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Charlie and I met with his doctor yesterday (Friday). He is going to go back on Gemzar starting next Friday. He had good results last year when he had this drug with the Carbo. Once we get the Avastin approval, he will also get this drug in combination. Take care and happy 4th!!

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Well, Tina, since it worked before, I just bet it's going to work again. I will pray that it does. Did the onc say when Avastin is anticipated to be approved? Don's onc said he might add it to the Alimta later, too.

Tina, I forgot to ask Don's onc about getting Avastin off-label. I'm so sorry. I thought about it while I was driving home.

Have a great 4th of July. You and Charlie and the kids shoot off some fireworks, cook some burgers and enjoy yourselves.



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Hoping Tommy has good results from the chemo. Did you find out anything on the antifungal drug used in conjuction with chemo? I've been trying to find more information because it sounded like it might be something that really boosts the chemotherapy.

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Thanks for all the encouragement. You all are the BEST!!! We have had the most wonderful weekend. Here are the highlights so far:

•We went to a fireworks display in Alcoa, a little town close by, on Friday night. Fireworks have really improved--new advances in everything.

•We had a pool party on Sat. afternoon with approximately 50 family members and friends. Charlie did GREAT!! It seemed like the old days...before cancer. He got up at 6:30 a.m. and vacuumed the pool, meticulously cleaned everything up, played water volleyball with the kids, visited with everyone, etc. He was ON!!

•Sunday morning he got up and went to church with us and went to a church picnic afterwards.

Today, we are planning to grill steaks and swim some more. Then, go to an outdoor symphony concert with fireworks.

It is sooooo wonderful to be able to share these good times with my LCSC friends!

HAPPY 4th! Take care.

P.S. Fay: Charlie's doctor said the anti-fungal medicine is not used very much for any use because it is very hard on the liver.

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Tina---I hope Charlie gets great results with Gemzar and I am so glad you had a great holiday weekend and hope you will have many more great ones to come.


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