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Fay A.

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Well, Fay...if I were the cancer in your lung...I'd be getting mighty scared about now. You don't take such things lying down...and I know your approach to this news won't change. You'll continue to research and approach this battle as you always have...in full mental and physical gear.

You won't go quietly into this battle...and I hear ya, girl, cuz neither will/am I!

I'm sorry that the egg painting, gardening, packing and remodeling might not be getting quite ALL of your attention in the coming weeks or more...but I know these activities will get as much as you've got to give them...and THAT is what we call LIVING, isn't it?

Keep on living, researching and fighting, Fay. We've got your back and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of that art exhibit!

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Oh Fay,

This is just the Pits. First let me say that I am so sorry you are dealing with this again. You have really had your share of troubles with this terrible disease.

Now let me say that you are one of the bravest people I know. I am very proud to call you friend. Not only have you done research for yourself but have shared it with all of us.

My prayer is that you fight this thing and win. Keep on living with that great attitude of yours and painting more eggs.


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I, too, have been thinking about this one for a while. I don't really have the right words to say, so I'll just say that my thoughts and prayers are with you. It really stinks that you have to fight this beast again, but I know you will fight a good fight. Best of luck to you in whatever remains ahead.

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so sorry for your bad news. However, I love your positive, can do anything attitude. You are truly amazing and such an inspiration to all of us


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well doggonnit anyway, Fay.

As if you don't have better things to do than to pis_ around with this disease.

Get all your research papers in order and you and your docs will come up with a plan. You will tell them what to do and they better do it......or else!!! Right, Fay?

You're one of the smartest about the medical side of this. I can easily see how you can come out shaking your fist at it once again with an "I told you so!" echoing in the canyon.

Eat your vegetables and don't break an egg.

Will be looking for updates.

Go gettem girl!

Cindi o'h (I forgot all about that ghostly chicken until Ginny just mentioned...haha! that was funny!)

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There have been several inquiries about The Chicken Cult, and how best to sacrifice chickens.

The best way is to take the pieces and dip them in batter-then deep fry extra crispy. Some folks prefer to put the chicken on a metal, cylindrical alter stand filled with fermented liquid that they then place over hot coals or open flames (Beer Can On The Barbie Chicken). But the end result is the same. You eat the chicken.

Just felt the need to clear up any confusion on what the Chicken Cultists do with the sacrifice.

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my apartment is too small to join the chicken cult, no room for the fryer. someone will have to make me some (though I am not 100% sure what I'm getting myself into here).

Fay, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel sad when I read your post this morning. I am so angry the beast is showing its face again, but I know you are up to the fight. you are a woman of strength, courage and dignity. you are an example to me, my mom and everyone else on here. thank you, god bless, and prayers continue.



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Everything I feel has already been said. (But, since when has THAT ever stopped me from putting in my 2 cents worth? :wink: )

I admire you so much. I hope treatments will be kind to you while they say, "Uh uh! Not THIS time!" to cancer.

The tide is starting turn against cancer - you know that from your research. I want you to be the one who breaks the cancer sound barrier.

Sending every caring wish and offering strength anytime.


"If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I'd still swim. And I'd despise the one who gave up."

Abraham Maslow quotes

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

Albert Einstein quotes

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe quotes

"When faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will keep striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine, with God's help."

Robert Half quotes

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I don't want to be defined entirely by this disease, either. It isn't WHO we are. And it is only part of what we have.


I apologize that I only saw this post yesterday. And then I started answering it, but didn't really have words to type. So I stopped and thought I would start again today, this time with your words.

THe quote on the top of my post is something you had written in response to one of my posts, a year ago. You know how sometimes someone says something that somehow gets through layers of your own thoughts and it actually sticks somewhere? Well, that line did it for me. Somewhere between the brain cells of what I did with my 2nd boyfriend on summer vacation and what I need to pick up at the grocery store, there is a brain cell with your words in it, loud and clear, telling me that lung cancer doesn't define ME. It has helped me to grow.

You have lived that line, you have showed everyone that even if you have lung cancer, that is just a part of you. You have also shown that you need to kick *ss and take an active role in your own medical care. You have shown everyone this by not just typing it but by living it, every day.

As you embark on this new road, I have no qualms that you will kick *ss once again, with or without oxygen. As I have said before, you are a warrior princess Fay, or goddess, whichever you prefer. This is who YOU are, with or without lung cancer.

I am boiling a chicken and various vegetables in your honor tonight in the chicken cults' secret time honored ritual (a non cult member would call this making chicken soup).

I'm rooting for you woman, as always...

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I feel numb, every time I read a post of a

recurrence, my first reaction is tears.

What a beautiful generous thing you did, using your own news news of recurrence as a post to encourage the rest of us to remember to keep researching our own cancer type so that one day if the time comes we will be somewhat prepared to offer our doctors some options that we, as patients, would like to try and to let them know that we are not ignorant about our own illness.

You are a young strong woman and if anyone can beat this you can. You have educated yourself regarding your various options and have the right attitude.

If positive thoughts can help cure, rest assured you have every person on this web site sending those thoughts your way.

God bless you in your efforts to fight this hated stuff.


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